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Junior Star Badge Awards

Congratulations to the following pupils:

Room 7 – Matthew for an excellent ‘can do’ attitude – especially in the Summer Arts Festival.

Room 8 – Calum for excellent work at the Windmills show and for behaving well this week!

Room 9 – Jack for being kind and a good class helper to Mr Graham and Mrs Brady.

Room 10 – Abhinav for great participation and using his words.

Room 11 – Ciar for good literacy work.

Room 12 – Leah, Callum, Austin and Jamie for working hard when their friends are at Kilbowie.

Football Awards 2018

This afternoon we were so lucky to have the former Celtic, Middlesborough, Motherwell and Scotland defender, Stephen McManus join us to present the 2018 Football Awards.  Willie and Stephen handed out the awards.  A big thank you to Stephen and a special thank you to Willie for being so committed and dedicating his time to coach the boys and girls.

Junior Star Badge and Head Teacher Awards 4.5.2018

Star Badges

Room 7 – Faith for super signing.

Room 8 – David for making great progress in division work.

Room 9 – Aidan for fantastic oral counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Room 10 – Abinhav for working hard and helping others in all areas of the curriculum.

Room 11 – Ciar for great choices at PE.

Room 12 – Tyler for great carrying work.

Head Teacher Award:

Room 7 – Lewis for excellent Lightbot programming.

Room 8 – Adam for really neat spelling and writing.

Room 9 – Erin for fantastic phonics work.

Room 10 – Jose-Luis for fantastic word recognition and sequencing work.

Room 11 – Szymon for excellent numeracy work.

Room 12 – Austin for fantastic division work.

Junior Star Badges – 25/04/2018

Well done to our Junior Star Badge Award winners this week.

Room 7 – Joseph for neat handwriting.

Room 8 – Lewis for taking on some challenging new work.  We’re loving your positive attitude!

Room 9 – Blair for working hard to fill his Power Rangers chart.

Room 10 – Andrew for great participation during outdoor learning at Wiston Lodge.

Room 11 – Dean for independent writing.

Room 12 – Alex  for trying hard to work on his own.

Junior Star Badges – 18/4/2018

Well done to this week’s star badge winners in the Junior Department.

Room 7 – Eve for always helping her friends.

Room 8 – Phoebe for doing a great job reading at the Easter Service.

Room 9 – Thomas for demonstrating great viking knowledge on his trip.

Room 10 – Josh for doing a great butterfly pose in yoga.

Room 11 – Ben for being a great helper around the class and school.

Room 12 – Jamie for working hard and always being kind.