Junior Star Badge and Head Teacher Awards 4.5.2018

Star Badges

Room 7 – Faith for super signing.

Room 8 – David for making great progress in division work.

Room 9 – Aidan for fantastic oral counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Room 10 – Abinhav for working hard and helping others in all areas of the curriculum.

Room 11 – Ciar for great choices at PE.

Room 12 – Tyler for great carrying work.

Head Teacher Award:

Room 7 – Lewis for excellent Lightbot programming.

Room 8 – Adam for really neat spelling and writing.

Room 9 – Erin for fantastic phonics work.

Room 10 – Jose-Luis for fantastic word recognition and sequencing work.

Room 11 – Szymon for excellent numeracy work.

Room 12 – Austin for fantastic division work.

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