Easter Assembly

Good Morning everyone and welcome to our Easter Assembly. This is much different to our usual Whole School Assemblies because we can’t be with each other and sing together.


Hopefully you have someone with you who will help you take part in our Assembly today. They could read some of the harder words, ask you questions about the Easter Power Point Presentations and help you join in with a song or 2!!

If you can remember the words, try singing our Firpark Song –

“Welcome to our Firpark Family where you can be you and I can be me…….”

Press play below to listen to our song – 


Now we’re going to think about Easter, what we usually do around this time and what might happen in different parts of the world.

We have included powerpoints for Infants and one for Juniors however you might want to have a look at both and think about the pictures and words that you see and hear.


Easter Assembly – Juniors

Easter Assembly Infant


Some thoughts might be:

  1. What do we know about Easter?
  2. Have we heard about the Easter Story?
  3. What people were involved in the story and what happened?
  4. Think about the time of year, the Season and what we see?
  5. What about traditions – what do they give each other (Easter eggs!!) and what do we like to eat?
  6. How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Some people may not celebrate Easter but may enjoy the holiday instead. We are all different and make choices that work for us and our families.

Can you remember one of our favourite Easter songs – “We have a King who Ride’s a Donkey…..” try singing along.


We Have A King Who Rides A Donkey – Click Here


As you know we have been collecting money for charity over the past few weeks by having Crazy Hair Day and our Easter Raffle – we’ll count the money raised and send it to SCIAF when we get back to school.



When we finish for our 2 week holiday on Friday it will be very strange as we haven’t been together with our friends in school, for the last few weeks. Hopefully we can put our school work away and have some fun with our families before getting back to work at the end of 2 weeks.


We’re now going to finish our Assembly as we always do by joining in with “Shalom my Friend……” these words are really important to us just now as we are all really looking forward to meeting up again!!


Shalom – Click Here


Happy Easter and Best Wishes to all our fantastic children and their families from all the staff in Firpark Primary.

Take care and be safe until we can all meet up again xxxx




The links for assemblies above will allow you to download the Infant and Junior Easter Assemblies and talk through this with our boys and girls! These may not download on mobile devices unless you have the Microsoft PowerPoint app on your phone but should be easily accessed on a Laptop or Desktop Computer. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Easter Assembly”

  1. Thank u .. Maria enjoyed the story of Easter and singing her favourite school songs for us .. xx

  2. Lovely to share Assembly time with you all. Hope everyone is well, and it’s not too long until we’re all back together.

    Take care, and stay safe.


  3. Brilliant everyone, it’s a lovely time of year so its wonderful to hear you all singing 🐣🐤🐥🌻

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