Lockdown Music Resources

Each year-group has a Team that all students should be able to access via GLOW. If you are unable to access the team for your year-group, please contact us as soon as possible.


Instruments of the Orchestra, Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Useful Links

Scottish Music, Instruments, Ensembles, Dances

Websites for Learning and Revision

Name that Note

Instruments of the Orchestra
Classics For Kids
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

My Music Online – password protected. Contact your music teacher via GLOW Teams.


There are many good apps for Android and Apple to assist with making music at home, including digital keyboards, tuned percussion and guitars that can be played from a phone or tablet. These are perfect for practising some of the pieces uploaded to teams if you can’t access instruments at home. Personal favourite is Magic Piano – Check this one out.

Here are some of our other favourites for listening:

It almost goes without saying that Spotify/Amazon Music/Deezer/Apple Music are all great subscription services to listen to an enormous variety of music. Listening to a wide range of styles is vital to promote a well-rounded musical awareness.

On top of that:
Soundcloud – full of artists and performers where you can listen to music for free. Discover new up-and-coming talent.
Bandcamp – access to thousands of tracks of many different genres. Great for exploring music you’ve never heard before.
BBC Sounds – OK, so not a music app as such, but many, many interesting programmes and podcasts in all genres of music you can imagine, including soundtracks to many TV shows. My current favourite – Noughts + Crosses – The Soundtrack

And some great apps for making your own music:

Garageband – Apple only. Fantastic for experimenting with your own recordings. Record yourself or the whole household singing along with your own pot-and-pan drum beats!
Musyc – Create music based on drawing shapes!
Figure – Apple only – create electronic loops using drums, bass and lead melodies. Made by Propellerhead Software who make some fantastic music tech stuff.
Sing! Kareoke – Sing along with loads of backing tracks. Duet with other users and share your results!
Ninja Jamm – layer beats, instruments or remix existing music.

With lots more to explore, let us know what you find via GLOW Teams!