Remote Learning Week Beginning 1st February

Happy (almost) February!

It was great to see so many children engaged in last week’s work and during our Teams meetings!

This week we are continuing with our new sounds and spelling words, as well as doing some persuasive writing! In Maths we are going to tackle some fractions, and I am also going to pop of a page of daily sums for each group into our Files area on Teams. These sums are a way for the children to continue practicing their calculation work and can be answered in whichever way the children find easiest – written, orally, with counters, fingers, toys, chimneys, calculators. We are also going to be looking at Our Local Area, this week focussing on important buildings and map-making.

This week’s timetable, Activity Grid and Spelling/Sounds are attached below. Please feel free to email me if you need anything, and please keep sharing your children’s wonderful work!

Be safe!

Mr McNab

BPS P1_3 Home Learning wb 01-02-21

Monday – Sound and Spelling Words – Blue Group

Monday – Sound and Spelling Words – Green Group

Monday – Sound and Spelling Words – Red Group

Daily Sums

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