Baking Bread

We baked bread as part of our Harvest work!

First, we mixed flour, baking powder, salt, oil and water together in a bowl, and mixed it all together!

Then, we rolled out the dough and made different shapes!

Finally, we put our dough into the grill to bake it!


After an agonising 10 minute wait, our bread was cooked and ready to take home to be covered in nutella, jam or anything else our hearts desired!

Autumn Leaves and Hedgehogs!

This week we went on an adventure to find some Autumn leaves. We looked for (and found) leaves that were brown, golden, yellow and red. We even found some that were a mixture of different colours!

After giving the leaves a nice bath, we used them to create hedgehogs!

We learned interesting facts about hedgehogs. Did you know that if you see one during the day, it could be in trouble. Also, please ask us what a baby hedgehog is called!


Four Seasons

This week we are learning about the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We talked about the different things we can see in each season, and found out which season we were born in.

We also made seasons wheels to help us remember which season it is. Right now our wheels are set to Autumn, but soon they will be changing. Brrrrrr!