STEM – LEGO Houses

As part of our topic (Toys From the Past), Primary 1/2 were asked what kind of things they would like to learn about. One toy which was mentioned several times was LEGO. This week we having been learning all about LEGO; it’s a lot older than we thought! Did you know that the first LEGO toys were made out of wood?!

We drew ourselves as LEGO characters and then designed a LEGO house that we could live in.  We shared our designs with our team mates and chose the best parts of each one to build a LEGO house together.  We did a good job of sharing and taking turns. We had a good look at the other teams’ houses so that we could share good ideas with each other.  By the time we were finished, we all had houses to be proud of! 😊

Have a look at our design and building process here:

Edinburgh Zoo

What a fantastic time we had at Edinburgh Zoo on Friday! We met so many interesting animals and were even lucky enough to get to touch and hold some of them! After lunch, we got to meet the animals we had all been waiting for; penguins! We learned so much more about them and even got to build our own penguin nest. We tried very hard to walk with a penguin egg on our feet but it was really tricky!Big thank yous to all our parent helpers and to the staff at the zoo, especially Jamie and Phil who made our visit so special 😀 Check out our video below to see what we got up to.



Outdoor Learning Day 3

It might have been a rainy day but that didn’t stop P1/2 from enjoying the great outdoors! We gathered materials to build shelters for our Antarctic explorers and went on a winter scavenger hunt in the playground.  Our friends in the Biggies built a fire pit for us so that we could cook some food the way a real explorer would. Thank you Biggies, our s’mores were delicious 😋


Starting Scratching

On Wednesday this week we had a visit from our Biggie Buddies.

They came to teach us some coding with ScratchJr. The P2’s had used Scratch last year but this was new to the P1’s.

Scratch lets us create animations and stories controlling the characters with blocks. Most of the class followed our learning about Antartica and made stories about penguins.

When we finished we had great fun watching everyone’s productions. Some were very funny indeed.

The Biggies really enjoyed themselves, you can see some of their comments on their blog:

Scratching with P1-2

Thank you, Mrs Jordan!

Wow! The month of November has completely flown by for the Banton Bairns! We have so much to tell you about…

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Mrs Jordan who had been a part of our class for the last six weeks. We did so many exciting things with her, it’s hard to know where to start! In maths, we learned how to measure length, weight and capacity. We learned about keeping our bodies healthy and got to sample lots of different healthy snacks. We discussed ways to stay safe when crossing the road and demonstrated them for each other. We loved doing science experiments with Mrs Jordan and now know what it takes to be real ‘little scientists’. In RME, we explored the ways that people from different religions celebrate the arrival of a new baby. We also had lots of fun during our outdoor learning day this week; our fairy dens looked fantastic 🧚 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️  Thank you Mrs Jordan, we loved having you as part of our class!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Christmas Fayre; we really hope you like your new calendars and Christmas baubles. We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas show! 🎅 🎄⛄️

Outdoor Learning – Take 2!

After our first attempt at an outdoor learning day turned out to be a bit of a washout, Primary 1/2 were very excited to spend some time learning in the fresh air today!

We did a search for words beginning with ‘p’, made our common words with leaves, sticks and twigs and did a special maths number hunt. A big thank you to our P7 friends who set up the hunt for us, you did a great job!

We have been learning about different types of musical instruments and how to make different rhythms with them. We used lots of different outdoor materials to make our own instruments and made lots of lovely music with them.  For art, we gave our little hedgehog friends back their spikes 🦔 before ending the day tidying up our playground with a super helpful litter pick!

Check out all the fun we had in our video below:

Making Music – Pitch

Primary 1\2 have been learning about sounds this week. We talked about making sounds that are quiet and sounds that are loud – we were VERY good at making loud sounds! 😀

Sammy the Snake taught us about changing pitch. Then we explored some musical instruments and found out how to make high sounds and low sounds with them. We had lots of fun and look forward to using the instruments again soon 🎶



Wow! What a fantastic first few days we’ve had in Primary 1/2! Our big P2’s got to welcome 5 new P1’s into our classroom and have been enjoying showing them around the school and the playground. We’ve had plenty of time to play and explore with lots of new friendships being made along the way.

We also got to spend some time with our P7 buddies who came to our classroom to help us with the messy business of making play dough! We have been reading the book ‘Hot Dog’ by Mark Sperring and used our play dough to make hot dogs for our very own hot dog shop. Yum! 🌭🌭🌭

All children in the world have rights and we have been learning about what this means and the kind of rights that we have. Next week, we will create a class charter to record some of the rights that we think are important for our classroom. We’ve already made some beautiful flowers to decorate our charter 🌸 🌺 🌸

Have a look at our photos to see what we’ve been up to 🙂

End of Term Fun!

Primary 1/2 have been having lots of fun with learning in the last few weeks of term. From taste testing to litter picking, outdoor learning to baking and even making our own ice cream, it’s fair to say that we have packed lots of fantastic experiences into Term 4. Check out our video on YouTube to see what we’ve been doing 🙂

What We’ve Been Up To…

Primary 1/2 have been super, duper busy since we came back from our Easter holidays!

We had a lovely time celebrating the King’s coronation! Our friends in the Biggies came to help us make empire biscuits.  It was very hard not to eat them straight away as they looked so yummy! We managed to wait until the afternoon then we tucked into lots of tasty treats at our coronation party. We even modelled the fancy crowns we made for ourselves!

The whole school had an exciting day when we got on a bus that took us all the way to the Forth Bridge Education Centre! We learned all about the amazing bridges we could see and then worked as part of a team to build our own bridges. Our bridges were strong enough to hold lots of cars! Well, toy cars but we did only have paper and sticky tape to build them…

In maths, we were introduced to some little friends; the BeeBots!  BeeBots really like it when you give them directions to follow! We had to think carefully about whether we wanted them to go forwards or backwards, left or right and even clockwise or anti-clockwise.  We had some minor crashes but thankfully no BeeBots were harmed!

We have been learning all about our five senses this term.  We have been using our ears to do good listening and follow instructions.  We also talked about the way that sound travels in waves when we made our own telephones so we could talk to our friends.  We also did a fun smell test where we had to guess what the smell was; there was no peeking allowed! We found lots of smells that we liked and one or two that we weren’t so keen on! Next step; taste testing! 🙂

Have a look at what we’ve been up to in our new video:

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