Christmas Crafts!

We have enjoyed making Christmas crafts over the last week or two in school!

And, as it is the season of giving we made some lovely things to give to our friends and family.

First we used our collage skills to make a Santa Claus card…

Then, we used printing to create a lovely four seasons tree for some lovely calendars.

We will definitely be on the Nice List this year!

Because we have started to see lots (and lots) of Christmas lights, today we learned about electricity!

We experimented with making circuits, connecting a battery to a lightbulb (with the help of some crocodile clips).

Luckily there were no shocks and we managed to light the bulb. Electrifying stuff!

Halloween Fun

We had a spookily fun day celebrating Halloween in school!

Mr Johnstone and some of the Biggies invited us to toast marshmallows at the fire pit! Yummy (and hot!)

We pinned tails on a cat!

Then, after all that fun, we needed some energy. Time for Halloween snacks!

Fully recharged, we took part in the Mummy Challenge! It was fun wrapping our friends in paper!

We had a super Halloween. Only 364 days to go until the next one!



Baking Bread

We baked bread as part of our Harvest work!

First, we mixed flour, baking powder, salt, oil and water together in a bowl, and mixed it all together!

Then, we rolled out the dough and made different shapes!

Finally, we put our dough into the grill to bake it!


After an agonising 10 minute wait, our bread was cooked and ready to take home to be covered in nutella, jam or anything else our hearts desired!