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Thank you to everyone for all the hard work last week – children and adults. This week’s activity grid looks a little different to last week’s as we are now trying to move onto new learning for the children. This means some new sounds and spelling words, and some new Maths concepts. This also means the children may need a little bit more support with some of the work.
As the work is progressive this week, the activity grid is a little more prescriptive, particularly with Maths. This means that it would be best for the children if they did the activities in order (Monday – Friday).

I have attached a copy of this week’s timetable and activity grids, as well as the resources the children will need for each day. You can also find some teaching videos for each group for Literacy and Maths on our Teams page.

As always, please feel free to contact me – through email or through Teams – if there is anything you need.

Thank you!

Mr McNab

wb 18-01 Timetable and Activity Grid

Sound and Spelling Words – Blue Group

Sound and Spelling Words – Green Group

Sound and Spelling Words – Red Group

Monday Literacy – Blue Group

Monday Literacy – Green Group

Monday Literacy – Red Group

Monday Maths – Circles Group 1

Monday Maths – Circles Group 2

Monday Maths – Squares Group

Monday Maths – Triangles Group

French Weather – Primary 2 & 3

French Weather Primary 1

Tuesday Literacy – Blue Group

Tuesday Literacy – Green Group

Tuesday Literacy – Red Group

Tuesday Maths – Circles Group

Tuesday Maths – Squares Group

Tuesday Maths – Triangles Group

Wednesday Literacy

Wednesday Maths – Circles Group

Wednesday Maths – Squares Group

Wednesday Maths – Triangles Group

Thursday Literacy – Blue Group

Thursday Literacy – Green Group

Thursday Literacy – Red Group

Thursday Maths – Circles Group

Thursday Maths – Squares Group

Thursday Maths – Triangles Group


Friday Literacy

Friday Maths – Circles Group

Friday Maths – Squares Group

Friday Maths – Triangles Group

Afternoon Walk Challenge

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