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Numeracy Homework Quiz Answers

Well done to the winners of our Numeracy Homework Quiz!

Well Done!








Thank you to everyone who entered. Check your answers below

Primary 1-3 Answers
  1. In the nursery rhyme how many blind mice are there?  3
  1. How many days are in the week?
  1. How many letters are in the alphabet altogether? 26
  1. The answer is the number of colours in a rainbow. 7
  1. Find out how many legs a spider has. 8
  1. What number is on the door at the house where the Prime Minister lives? 10
  1. How many dwarf friends does Snow White have? 7
  1. How many sides does a triangle have? 3
  1. How many Dalmatians were there in the Disney film of the same name? 101
  1. How many Billy Goats Gruff are there? 3
  1. I have 4 cats, 3 dogs and 11 fish. How many pets do I have altogether? 18
  1. What number does the clock strike in Hickory, Dickory Dock? 1
  1. Complete this rhyme: One, 2, buckle my shoe.
  1. How many black birds were baked in the pie ? 24
  1. What number comes before 23 and after 21? 22
Primary 4 – 7 Answers
  1. How many planets are there in the Solar System? 9
  1. In a ‘Baker’s Dozen’ how many loaves would there be? 13
  1. This answer is the number of squares on a standard chess board? 64
  1. Calculate the number of hours in a week? 168
  1. How many chambers in the human heart? 4
  1. Altogether how many spots are there on a dice? 21
  1. At the Westminster parliament, how many MPs are there? 659
  1. This answer is the amount of money you get for passing go on a Monopoly board? £200
  1. How many gold rings are mentioned in the song ‘Twelve days of Christmas?’ 5
  1. How many days did it take Philleas Fogg to travel around the world. 80
  1. How many carats are there in pure gold? 24
  2. How many days are there in a leap year. 366
  1. In London, how many underground tube stations are there in total. 284
  1. Find out how many bones there are in an adult human skeleton?  206
  2. The answer is the year the first man stepped on the moon? 1969
  1. How many points do you get for a try in Rugby Union? 5
  1. The answer is the number of lives a cat has. 9
  1. How many stripes are there on the American flag. 13
  1. What is the next number in this Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ?  55
  1. Which platform do you need to go to to catch the Hogwarts Express at Kings Cross? 9 3/4

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

Today we have had lots of Easter fun. Most of it has involved eggs, boiled and chocolate!

We have had lots of fun in class looking at all the decorated eggs as part of our competition, teachers found it very difficult to decide on the winning design. Some classes went outside to roll their eggs in the playground to see who could roll the farthest and we have had an Easter Egg Hunt in school, if you were lucky enough to find a paper egg hidden around school then you could trade it for a chocolate one!


Here are some photos of our fun filled day. Happy Easter!

Congratulations to the winner of our Easter Egg Raffle, Kyle!


Literacy Week Book Quiz Answers

Congratulations to our winners of our Literacy Week Book Quiz.


Here are the answers! How many did you get correct?

Primary 1-3

1. A giant lives at the top of the beanstalk.

2. The very hungry caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

3. Mr Happy is yellow.

4. A tiger came to tea with Sophie.

5. Goldilocks visited the three bears house.

6. Mog is a cat.

7. Mice are turned into horses to pull Cinderella’s coach.

8. Thomas the Tank Engine is blue.

9. Paddington Bear’s favourite food is marmalade.

10. Katie Morag’s brother is called Liam.


Primary 4-7

1. Black Beauty was a horse.

2. Aslan is the name of the lion from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

3. The Borrowers live under the floorboards.

4. Perfect Peter is the name of Horrid Henry’s brother.

5. BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant.

6. Tintin’s dog is called Snowy.

7. The pirate from Peter Pan is called Captain Hook.

8. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s surname is Bucket.

9. Peter Pan’s nursemaid, Nana, was a dog.

10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first Harry Potter book.

11. Eeyore is the name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh.

12. Mary Poppins is a nanny.

13. Dorothy was trying to get to The Emerald City.

14. Matilda’s teacher is called Miss Honey.

15. The main character from Boy Racer is called Tom.

16. Jacquline Wilson is the author of the Tracey Beaker stories.

17. Paddington Bear is from Peru.

18. The Grinch stole Christmas in the Dr Seuss book.

19. The Boy in the Dress is the name of the David Walliams book.

20. The Wimpy Kid is called Greg Heffley.

Family Fun Night – Quiz Answers

Here are the answers from the quiz at Family Fun Night.

How many did you get right?

General Knowledge

Question 1 –  Seven colours in the rainbow.

Question 2 – Fourteen classes in Lawmuir Primary School.

Question 3 – Camels have three eyelids.

Question 4 – Earthworms have five hearts.

Question 5 – A group of Pandas is called an Embarrassment.

Guess Who

Question 6 – Tom Cruise

Question 7 – Michelle Obama

Question 8 – Clint Eastwood

Question 9 – Coleen & Wayne Rooney

Question 10 – Hugh Jackman

Fun Facts

Question 11 – False. Mrs Osbourne is the tallest teacher in the school.

Question 12 – False. An average human looses between 40 – 100 hairs from their head each day.

Question 13 –   False. 10% of the world is left handed.

Question 14 –   False. Dartboards are made of horse hairs.

Question 15 –   False. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.