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Family Fun Night – Quiz Answers

Here are the answers from the quiz at Family Fun Night.

How many did you get right?

General Knowledge

Question 1 –  Seven colours in the rainbow.

Question 2 – Fourteen classes in Lawmuir Primary School.

Question 3 – Camels have three eyelids.

Question 4 – Earthworms have five hearts.

Question 5 – A group of Pandas is called an Embarrassment.

Guess Who

Question 6 – Tom Cruise

Question 7 – Michelle Obama

Question 8 – Clint Eastwood

Question 9 – Coleen & Wayne Rooney

Question 10 – Hugh Jackman

Fun Facts

Question 11 – False. Mrs Osbourne is the tallest teacher in the school.

Question 12 – False. An average human looses between 40 – 100 hairs from their head each day.

Question 13 –   False. 10% of the world is left handed.

Question 14 –   False. Dartboards are made of horse hairs.

Question 15 –   False. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.




Family Fun Night – A Huge Success!

Our fabulous Family Fun Night took place on Thursday 19th March. The event was a sell out and everyone who attended had a great time.

Activities included: The Generation Game, Bingo, Trivia Quiz, Shoot the Hoop, Balancing Act, Roll the Coin, Hook a Duck and even a super clown act to keep the kids entertained, Burger were on sale as well as tea, coffee and cakes. Everyone who came along thouroghly enjoyed themselves and helped raise money for Friends of Lawmuir funds.

Well Done Everyone!