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Show My Homework

This week, S1 pupils are being sent home with letters and parent/guardian codes for Show My Homework.   Pupils will have logged into Show My Homework in school and will have some experience of returning homework.

When using SMHW on a PC at home, search for “Show My Homework Login” or click here.  If you wish to download the app onto other devices, this can be done through Google Play or the Apple Store.

Pupils will login using their Glow username and password and have been reminded to keep these in a safe place.

For help in using SMHW, select the appropriate link below to take you to the help pages:

For Pupils

For Parents/Guardians


Moray Digital Learning Team: Support For Parents

Parents/ Carers
A website and app have been created to help parents/carers support learners in accessing Glow and saying safe online.  The content on both the app and website are similar and the aim of both of these resources is to get learners logged into Glow where they can access long term support resources.
You can access the website
The app can be accessed via a computer by pasting the following address into the browser –
From here you can view all the app and get instructions on how to access the app via your phone’s camera.   Most iPhones and Android will automatically give the user to option to add the app to their home screen.  This will create an icon and appear like a normal app, with any updates showing the automatically next time the app is opened.  Please note this is a web app and not available for download through the usual app stores, it can only be accessed by address above. 
In addition to these resources which have been created with parents/carers in mind, all users, including learners, will have access to the Moray Digital Learning Team SharePoint site which contains the majority Digital Learning support materials.  Once logged into Glow there can be accessed using the following link –
A tile has also been added to the Moray Council Launch Pad in Glow to allow users to access the site directly.  The SharePoint site is updated daily with new support materials including How to Videos and a digital tip of the day.
The Moray Digital Learning Team Blog also contains useful information, news and details of upcoming events for those who are unable to access Glow, it can be found here –
Thanks to the Moray Digital Learning Team for providing this support.

Submitting Work Online

Several people have been wondering what to do about submitting work online via either SMHW or Teams. This information is intended to make that easier for you.  

If you are wanting to submit work via SMHW this link ( has a fantastic video at the bottom which takes you through the process step by step.

For submitting work via Teams please see the attached document below for a guide on how to prepare and hand in work.


Home Learning Links and Guidance

home learning links

Attached is a HUGE list of online activities and websites available to keep young people  engaged with learning.

Note of caution to parents/ carers:

Do NOT feel that you have to work through this. Teachers will set class activities via SHMW and Glow. These are supplementary activities for you to access should you wish. Providing routine, stability and safety  at this time is more important than trying to recreate a ‘school day’.

Mrs Bain