SQA Arrangements for week beginning 23rd March 2020

Senior Phase students have been invited to complete coursework or outstanding units/ assessments next week and school will stay open to accommodate this. This is voluntary but could help with SQA evidence and final awards, given the government  decision to cancel all 2020 SQA exams.

Pupils have been given a timetable of when things are happening and have been told by teachers which things they need to attend. Info will be posted on SMHW about any additional things not on the timetable. This is additional and voluntary for pupils who feel well and able to attend. Any clashes on the timetable have been or can be worked out by young people contacting their teacher or the PT of the subject. We will be flexible where possible.

There will be small numbers of pupils in school and we will endeavour to follow NHS advice regarding distancing and hygiene. Pupils were asked to sign up for buses today so those who signed up will be transported at normal times.

We are trying our very hardest to give everyone the best chances possible under the circumstances. We await further guidance from SQA and the Scottish Government. Be aware we do not have all the answers and can only work with the most up to date information we have received.

Mrs Bain