The newly formed Clydeview Academy Ambassador Team has been taking part in a range of team building activities. This is an account of the training from the Mental Health lead of our Health and Wellbeing Ambassador group:

Hi, my name’s Ziyad Alshaibi, and I’m a sixth-year pupil who’s currently in the Clydeview Ambassador program. It’s a brand-new program for the school and is run by Mrs Murty.

The program was made to encourage and help senior pupils take on leadership roles and develop skills through specific training programmes – such as Mentors in Violence Protection (MVP), Live n Learn resilience training, and more – that will aim to ensure that younger pupils feel comfortable and have as much support as they need during their time at Clydeview.

The roles of the chosen Ambassadors will be comprised of:

  • Bullying Ambassadors
  • Literacy Ambassadors
  • Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors
  • Positive Peer/Buddy Ambassadors
  • Attendance Ambassadors

My experience so far within the Ambassador program has been really fun. It pushed me out of my comfort zone as I had to work with people I don’t often communicate with and to have them then guide me – non-verbally – through an obstacle course whilst I was blindfolded was nerve-wracking. The discussion beforehand was key to success regarding the challenge: it built our communicational skills and opened our minds up to more creative ways to manoeuvre around the problem. We had to set up a system of communication and rely on the fact that each team member would remember which signal meant what. My teammates were accountable for my safety and wellbeing, so I had to trust in them completely, otherwise, I could’ve hurt myself. Relying on one another to accomplish a task allowed us to settle in and get a lot more comfortable with each other quickly.


I hope my experience within the program encourages upcoming seniors to take part as it was meaningful: it gives you a chance to develop qualities that’ll help you grow as a person, the opportunity to build relationships with new people, and skills that you’ll carry on into future endeavours.

I am grateful for the team that made the experience worthwhile and looking forward to getting to know all of you as a Health and Wellbeing Ambassador.


#TakePrideInInverclyde – Clydeview Environmental Team

The Clydeview Environmental team has been very busy over the last couple of months to help with the local #TakePrideInInverclyde Eco Summit Workshop event that took place at the Beacon on the 7th of October. Nina Kirk (5C) was asked to present at the event and did an incredible job. Nina spoke about her passion for the environment and her own personal litter picks when completing her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. She impressed that much that local MSP Ronnie Cowan nominated Nina to be put forward for a national competition to become a a Generation Zero Ambassador. The competition required Nina to produce a 2 minute clip on how she is demonstrating her commitment to tackle climate change and working to champion net zero transition in their community. Well done Nina!

We also had Alex McFarlane, Maya Nathwani, Kerr Purves, Robyn King and Hannah Reid involved in the Eco Summit Workshop. They took over the social media channels for Keep Scotland Beautiful for the evening and received excellent feedback from staff and all the followers.  Following on from this, Nina Kirk, Alex McFarlane and Mya Nathwani have written a blog entry for Keep Scotland Beautiful and they are going to publish it during COP26.

The aspiration of  #TakePrideInInverclyde group is to move upstream, change behaviour and tackle our waste at source.

At the eco summit they agreed three priorities  which were:

  • Less waste – reduce, reuse and recycle – Encourage all sports teams in Inverclyde to use recyclable water bottles and clean up after their games.
  • Change behaviour and create pride in Inverclyde – Encourage more corporates in Inverclyde to get involved in litter picking/volunteering on the environment.
  • Education and communication with young people – Find a way to recycle more crisp and sweet packets in Inverclyde working with young people, as they are our most littered item.

The Environmental Team and others at Clydeview Academy will be meeting to discuss how we can help make positive change and help with the above priorities.


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