Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

My experience with feedback

Feedback for me is a positive experience usually, however hasn’t always been. Once in High School I received feedback from a teacher who had nothing good to say about my work and even went to the extent of saying in no uncertain terms that it was “a dog’s dinner” and used very inappropriate language. This experience led me to leaving that subject which I had an interest for, thinking I wasn’t any good at it and I was better off putting my energy into something I was good at and had very little interest in. This was negative feedback and had a fundamental impact on my schooling because I changed subject late on in a course.

Is feedback positive or negative? Think before you write!

Having had this experience I have always been slightly sceptical to receive feedback on essays at school, college and now my blog posts on glow. When given a task in one of my lectures to write a post and await feedback I was worried, I won’t lie but giving feedback and seeing what other people were writing gave me confidence to look at my own post’s comments. I was delighted to find that they were all positive with only a few grammar adjustments. This has boosted my confidence in receiving feedback on my blog posts immensely and has made me think about giving others feedback more often.

The negative feedback I received in school will always stay with me as a memory, but will remind me when giving feedback to pupils myself as a teacher and as a student to always think about the positives in somebody’s work and to think before I write about how I can word my suggestions, so as not to hurt anybodys feelings.