Gender and My Experiences At School

There are many discussion points around gender which I discovered through my Higher Modern Studies course in sixth year. This includes the pay rates for women, top positions in jobs and the typical careers most commonly known for women.

However, during our input from Jill regarding gender, she asked us questions which really got me thinking. I suppose I hadn’t really ever thought about it before but how exactly did gender affect me as a child growing up?

My answer is that I believe it never really had a major affect on me. My primary school always encouraged equality and opportunity or everyone, no matter who they were. The only difference for gender I can remember is the separate toilets and changing rooms that we used. But when I discussed this with peer sit gave me a different perspective and really made me think.

A typical sports day: races for boys, races for girls; having to partner up with a boy for Scottish Country Dancing; asking for boys for task that involved lifting heavy objects. One thing that really stood out, however, was the fact that boys always seemed to get into more trouble than girls. After some thought, I agree with the last point. Many boys in my class got into more trouble than girls did and so the stereotyping seems to be true of both sides.

Overall, my gender and experiences of school weren’t really affected as I still got an education which has gotten me to the place that I am today.

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