An Understanding of My Academic Skills

Getting the Basics

Punctuation has always been part of education for me and probably the majority of people reading this too. Reading ‘The Study Skills Book’ by McMillan K and Weyers, J has really helped me to further my understanding of the importance of punctuation and how it can really effect your writing.

Looking at a University situation, it is extremely important to get punctuation and grammar correct for your writing to make sense, especially with assignments and essays that you will have to complete. I believe that grammar and punctuation is not only important for your studies but also for taking part in your ePortfolio. Although it is, I feel, slightly more relaxed and gives you more freedom to express your thoughts in your own way, it is still relevant to have correct grammar and punctuation.

Vocabulary, I believe, is also an important factor to add to your academic skills. Having a variety in your vocabulary can really benefit you. I admit that vocabulary is probably something I should look at and develop more as my studies continue over the next four years at University.

Having a basic understanding of punctuation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary is extremely important with a profession such as teaching because a lot of their learning is focused around developing their literacy skills. If I have difficulty with spelling or explaining grammar and punctuation, it would make it far more demanding and tough to teach young children as they will get confused and will not develop the right understanding.

It is crucial to have a good knowledge and understanding of the above topics in order to teach children correctly and to make things a lot less demanding within your profession.

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  1. Carrie McLennan

    Danielle, I am so pleased to see you reflecting so well about this important aspect of your practice. I think teachers need to be able to engage with tools such as “vcop” and consider aspects such as when is a connective a conjunction and when is an opener also a connective.


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