MA1 Placement

Professional Placement Goals

I found this difficult to think of at first but I have finally settled on three goals for my professional placement this year.

  1. Be confident. I often find that I am doubting my ability and can be extremely critical of the work that I have completed. However, during this placement I would like to be able to prove to myself that I am confident and have the ability to continue to build that confidence. I will do this through thorough planning of lessons and by ensuring that I have read different sources of information for subjects.
  2. Be a reflective practitioner. I find that reflecting upon things helps me to further my understanding of different aspects. Therefore, throughout this placement I will ensure that I keep up to date with weekly reflections by looking at and evaluating lessons I conduct and also by reflecting on certain decisions and classroom situations that I encounter.
  3. Effective Classroom Management. It is important to create the right ethos within a classroom. I think my biggest challenge is the use of effective classroom management. Therefore, during this placement I will ensure that I build good relationships ensuring that I do not come across as too friendly to make sure that classroom management will not be effected through this.

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