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Expressive Arts and Culture Week 6

7/2/19 – Kelvingrove Museum

In our last session we spent it at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow to complete a task set by our teacher. The task was to pic a theme or questions e.g. love, death, how does the artist show culture or time frame? Before we were let loose in the museum to find 10 pictures that fit our theme or question we got a chance to speak to one of the employees at the museum who gave us some background about the museum and the other surrounding museums and places we could take the children to let them learn and experience outside the classroom and about the world.


Having never been to the museum before it was a great experience for me so I could only imagine what an amazing experience it would be for a children to get to see and adventure round. Anna from the museum gave us a very handy pamphlet which included all the different workshops we could take a class of children to at all the different museums which also show the different curricular links that the workshops link to.

My question I decided to look at was ‘how does the background/setting of the picture help express the mood of the overall picture?’ The 10 pictures I decided to look at were:          

I chose these images because it was clear to see that even the slightest difference in colour or adjustment in the background could have completely changed the mood or expression within the image. For example the picture of the group of people in the snow, this picture could be interpreted as a poor village struggling in the cold and snow however if the artist decided to paint these people in a beautiful spring field it wouldn’t express the same pain, poverty and struggling of the people in the picture.


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