Expressive Arts and Culture Week 4

Soundscapes – 30/01/19

In our 4th session we once again extended the endless possibilities of creating sounds to recreate sounds and images we see and hear in our heads. As a class we created a soundscape about fireworks night, splitting into groups to create different sounds we hear on fireworks night and then coming together as a class to play the different sounds at different times together creating one piece. This is a link to what we came up with:


After working together as a class we split into small groups to create our own soundscape picking a new theme and choosing which instruments agree and work with the chosen theme. In my group we chose to try to recreate a thunderstorm in a rain forest by using different instruments to create a soundscape that fits.

Within the soundscape we used a drum to create the sound of thunder, bells to mimic the sound of rain, a vibraslap to act as the noise of the trees and a woodblock and beater to create the sound of frogs in the rain forest.


By doing this activity it allowed us to see a different method of creating real life sounds by mixing together the sounds of different instruments. The allows children to be creative and to use the different sounds they hear to create an image or event in the head, it can also work the other way around, what the children see in their minds they can try out different instruments to recreate the sounds that match the images and events they hear in their heads.

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