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Expressive Arts and Culture Week 2

Garage Band – 17/01/19

“Music is a language that crosses boundaries and one that people of all ages and backgrounds can share” (Mullet. S, 2016)

During this lesson we took the idea of evocative objects one step further. Using the software ‘garage band’ which we have already had the chance to experiment with, we were given the task to put the emotions that our objects make us feel into a piece of music.

Before I started creating my piece of music I thought about how my object, a snow globe given to me by my mum, made me feel. Happy? Sad? Reflective? Joyful? When I look at the snow globe it beings back happy childhood memories. Next I had to think about what I could hear when I looked at the object. What could I hear when I watched the snow, glitter and sparkle swirl round together around the happy sweater wearing teddy bear in the centre.

Looking and thinking about the snow globe I could hear a light twinkling and quite a jolly tune playing in my head, due to the memories I have of my object and how I think the teddy bear looks and feels. Which made me think of the different instruments that I could use to create what I could hear.

I felt this activity would be a good way for the children to express how they feel about their objects or if they were struggling to describe how they felt, they would be able to use a different method of communication such as music.


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