STEM surveys

Education Scotland works with Scotland’s educators for Scotland’s learners. With this in mind each year we ask Scotland’s practitioners and providers for:

  • their views of STEM and in particular access to STEM professional learning and confidence levels
  • their experience of STEM professional learning
  • future STEM professional learning needs
  • the actual numbers of hours of STEM professional learning provided.

Please note this activity has been paused during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is captured in annual surveys which run between August and December each year.  The results of these surveys provide evidence towards the Key Performance Indicators in the STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland and also help local authorities, regional and national organisations reflect on the STEM provision in Scotland and shape action moving forward. Details of the findings from the survey can be found below.

Annual STEM practitioner surveys

2017/2018 data

2017 key findings PowerPoint

2016/2017 data

CLD surveys

2017/2018 data






Provider surveys

2017/2018 data