Support for the STEM Nation Award elements


The STEM Nation Award programme celebrates, promotes and builds effective practice in STEM education within and across sectors. Successful applications for the award will demonstrate whole setting approaches to STEM developments and improvement planning. It is likely that settings considering the award will be able to identify strengths in a number of the STEM Nation Award elements but may need time to develop other aspects before applying for the full award. The links on this page will direct you to a range of resources and professional learning opportunities that will help to support developments across all five STEM Nation Award elements in your setting.

STEM Nation Award Drop-in Sessions

The STEM Nation Award Drop-in sessions are for practitioners from ELC settings, schools and CLD providers who are interested in learning more about the STEM Nation Award programme.

The sessions also provide the opportunity for STEM Nation Award applicants to ask questions or seek support with their application from the Education Scotland STEM team.

The sessions are hosted on Microsoft Teams – you can join the meeting using a Glow or non-Glow account. There is no requirement to attend for the full session – you may wish to just drop-in to ask a quick question.

Sign-up for the next drop-in session at the Education Scotland Events page.

Self-evaluation and improvement planning

Leadership in STEM

STEM family and community learning

Employability and STEM partnership working

STEM curriculum and learner pathways / progression routes

Equity and equality in STEM

General STEM resources and STEM partners

STEM Nation Award Supporters

The STEM Nation Award is supported by a number of STEM partners. The STEM Nation Award Supporters are a group of not-for-profit and non-commercial organisations and third-sector groups who provide support and professional learning for STEM. Our supporters help us to promote the STEM Nation Award programme, share interesting STEM practice from their own programmes and, where appropriate, encourage and support settings with whom they work to apply for the award.

Click on the images below to learn more about the STEM support available for each of the STEM Nation Award Supporters.


If your organisation is interested in becoming a STEM Nation Award Supporter please email

Download application guidance Download application guidance Download application guidance

Your regional STEM Education Officer will be happy to assist with any STEM Nation Award enquiries. Further support is available by contacting and stating the name of your setting and the local authority in which you work.