Science Planning Resource

The purpose of the resource is to support learning, teaching and assessment of science in early learning and childcare settings and primary schools. This resource has been developed through the RAiSE Programme with support from Education Scotland and Scottish Government. Raising Aspirations in Science Education (RAiSE) is a programme of The Wood Foundation, Education Scotland, Scottish Government and participating local authorities which enhances the delivery of STEM education in primary schools.

This resource supports planning for science around the experiences and outcomes from early to second level. These activities and approaches should be viewed as useful starting points and suggestions and they are in no way prescriptive.

By clicking on the relevant icons below you will be directed to the STEM google drive where the relevant resources for each level can be found.  To download each level, or the entire resource,  you can click on the DOWNLOAD ALL option on the top right hand corner of the page as shown here:

Schools and centres are encouraged to bundle Experiences and Outcomes (EOs) together when planning learning and teaching. These planning resources are aligned to individual E&Os. This approach was taken to provide maximum flexibility to establishments to allow them to bundle E&Os in a way most appropriate to them. This approach matches well with settings and establishments planning learning to fit their own, local context and the interests of their young people.  Each plan contains links to other curricular areas and contexts to support interdisciplinary learning. In addition, ‘how to’ videos have been included to help practitioners engage with some of the suggested activities.  These will be added to over time.

The resource has been developed by practitioners, for practitioners and has been piloted extensively.  Education Scotland would like to give a special thanks to Paul Tyler, Principal Teacher at Kirkhill Primary, who initiated the development of the plans. We would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution by the RAISE officers who further developed and reviewed the resources along with practitioners within their authorities.