MA1 Placement

Before beginning my 4 week placement block I decided on three goals which will be my main focus while on professional practice.

Goal 1: SPR 3.2.2

Behaviour Management/ Classroom Organisation and Management

Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies.

I have chosen this goal as I feel that it is vital to have good relationships with pupils and to have effective behaviour strategies in place in order for the classroom to be a safe learning environment. Behaviour management strategies is an area that I have not yet had any experience with in the past therefore I have made it one of my goals for my upcoming placement. In order to achieve this goal I will use behaviour management strategies that the classroom teacher uses and try to implement these when I am in control of the class. I will also apply the school policies when dealing with behaviour management.


Goal 2: SPR 3.1.3

Planning/ Differentiation

Employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of all learners.

I have chosen this goal as, after meeting my class in the observation weeks I am aware of the extremely wide range of abilities within the class. I feel as though differentiating is a skill that I can further develop and so I have chosen this as one of my goals. In order to achieve this goal I will continue to get to know the children and become more familiar with individual needs and abilities in order to plan lessons with these things in mind to ensure that all children are enjoying their learning and are in a good place to succeed.


Goal 3: SPR 2.2.2


Have knowledge and understanding of the schools and learning communities in which they teach and their own professional responsibilities within them.

Professionalism is one of the key aspects of being a successful teacher. As this placement will be my first I have set one of my goals in relation to professionalism. I must be aware of the expectations in my placement school and develop my professionalism throughout my placement. In order to achieve this goal I will familiarise myself with the expectations in my placement school and adhere to these, I will also read up on professionalism and put my knowledge into practice whilst on placement.


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