Monthly Archives: September 2016

Values Workshop

On Tuesday we had our first workshop in the values module, I didn’t really know what to expect going into the workshop so when Derek handed us a brown envelope and gave us the instructions that we had to make something that would be useful to a new student at the university I just assumed that the task was a way to get us to work well in a group with people that we don’t particularly know very well.

After opening the envelope and realising we had very little in the means of resources we came up with the idea to make a personalised leaflet that would help a new student get used to the campus and the surroundings. We then had to feedback to the rest of the groups about our ideas before making the item, it was at this point we realised that group 1 and group 2 had noticeably more resources than our group(group 3) and group 4.

During the production of the item we began to notice that Derek was spending the majority of his time with group 1, praising them for their efforts whilst not really paying much attention to group 3 or group 4. We then made our leaflet and got ready to present the item to the other group. Group 1 got a fantastic response from Derek, as did group 2, we then presented ours thinking we had done exceptionally well given the resources we had access to however we were disappointed in the feedback given, it was around that time that we realised something was going on.

After realising what the message behind the workshop actually was it really made me think. It made me think about how, as a teacher, we must take into account each and every little detail to make each pupil feel involved and included, we cannot expect every pupil to produce the same standards of work if they do not have access to the same standard and quality  of resources, which links to inequality in society. As future teachers, we should strive to make the atmosphere in the classroom one that is as equal and fair as possible.

The workshop was extremely enjoyable and interesting for me and I feel that it will be beneficial to me throughout my time at university and my time as a teacher, this workshop will definitely be one that will stay in my memory for a long time!

Why teaching?

Ever since I was extremely young I had always imagined that I would follow in my mum’s footsteps and become a nurse, it was something I always really liked the sound of but never actually considered the ins and outs of. It was on the occasion that my dance teacher asked me if I would consider helping out at dance classes for younger children that I realised that teaching was the career that was truly right for me.

Through a combination of helping at these dance classes and completing my school work experience in an additional support needs classroom in a primary school I was made aware of how truly rewarding a career in teaching can be and how much of an influence teachers have on the lives of the young people they come into contact with. I feel that watching children develop and learn is the most satisfying and rewarding experience and these feelings would be constant if I were to become a teacher.

I was certain that teaching was for me by around my third or fourth year at high school so as soon as we were prompted to begin our university applications I had everything clearly planned out in my head. Throughout my sixth and final year at school I visited my old primary school once a week for work experience which again reinforced the whole sense of satisfaction and the great feeling of reward that comes with the job. I also came into contact with my old primary school teacher throughout this work experience at which she said to me “I always imagined you becoming a teacher”, which was such a good thing to hear, knowing that others thought it was the right thing for me filled me with great confidence in going forward.

Now that I am at university the whole dream of becoming a teacher is starting to feel very real and I am extremely excited to learn lots of new things that will help me both in my placements and when I become a teacher. I am also looking forward to be out in schools learning from the teachers and also getting a real feel of the teaching experience and all the great things that it brings with it!