Semester 1 Reflection.

As semester 2 is well underway it is useful for me to reflect back to semester 1 to analyse and evaluate how I have developed in my personal learning as well as the professional development that has been made.

Over the course of semester 1 I studied two core modules – Values (self, society and the profession) and Working together. These two modules abled me to appreciate and understand the relevance of having your own values and beliefs influencing in the profession but also having insight into other professions and how they can impact upon your own daily working.

A key moment in semester 1 that impacted my opinion and of my own professional development was during my research for my Values module assignment. I read a journal entry from 1854 by Margaret Douglass. In this journal it informed me of the struggle of Margaret Douglass when she attempted to teach black children basic education and was arrested for violating Virginia Law. This had a great impact on me as that point in time is a total contrast to our standard regulations for becoming a teacher.

Overall I have found that my experiences and learning during semester 1 has developed me professionally as well as personally. Through the use of reflection I have been able to analyse and evaluate how each person has a different set of values and beliefs and that this will impact upon each profession. Especially for me the teaching profession and how I will develop as a teacher through University and well into my future teaching career.

Why teaching?

Reflecting on myself as a child I knew I never wanted to grow up. Seriously I believed I would go to Neverland and would be a kid forever. However, I had to grow up and with that I had to decide what profession I wanted to enter in to. Strangely enough in Primary School I wanted to be a teacher. However, when I got to High School I changed my mind regularly and when I eventually left school I pursued the path of Musical Theatre.

Though I loved performing I knew something was missing and I left after 2 years in training. Out of college and in a lost state I debated on what to do with my life and I considered pretty much every profession you could think of (though some were more realistic than others). After chatting to one of my old Primary Teachers I decided to help in her P3 class as an assistant and I LOVED it. The kids were great and it taught me a lot about myself. After that experience I decided I wanted to work towards getting into University to study Primary Teaching and here I am.

I believe that working in a Primary School is one of the most rewarding things I could do. Children are fascinating in what they believe and how they act. My motivation for teaching is that I love helping kids learn and supporting them through their academic journey but also their personal development too. One of my favourite memories of doing my work experience in my local Primary School was when a small group of Primary 7’s were struggling with maths. I not only managed to get them to understand the questions but I witnessed their joy in being able to achieve something that they thought was impossible. Moments like this is what inspired me to become a teacher and it is what makes me want to be the best teacher I can be.

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