PITL International Conference in June 2017


The first PITL (Promoting Inclusion, Transforming Lives) International Conference in June 2017 will attract more than 200 national and international delegates to Dundee and Angus for a 3 day conference. People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) touch our lives in a way that challenges us to reflect on the way we care, the way we interact as communities and how we connect as human beings. This conference will provide an interface for research, practice and policy that supports this concept but for a wider population of people who are also currently excluded from communities, and an opportunity to share work and ideas that transform lives and communities.

Profound means deep, wise, expert and if we recognise that people with profound and complex healthcare needs are some of the best educators in teaching compassion, care and facilitators of working together as teams to create inclusive and meaningful lives, we have the tools to do something very special.

Our themes for this conference are:

  • Inclusive life transitions

Work that has or is supporting inclusive educational transitions and wellbeing; and inclusive life transitions and well being; What is the evidence? What is best practice? What innovation is required? 

  • Inclusive Spaces

Work that has or is supporting inclusive communities and spaces. Consider the physical, environmental, cognitive, cultural, emotional, creative and social space. What is the evidence? What is best practice? What innovation is required?

Prepare to be challenged, to be creative, to be involved and most of all to take forward the learning from this conference and apply it back into practice and life.

Find out more at on the conference website

SELMAS Conference 2017 – Save the 2nd February date!

SELMAS Conference 2017:

Changing Futures: Believing in our young people

2 February 2017, Radisson Blu, Edinburgh

The conference this session will develop further the theme of Brainstrust 3- The Outsiders.  This is an early invitation to you to save the date for what we’re sure will be an interesting and challenging event.

Please share this information widely within your organisations and networks.

Anyone wishing to ‘join the Tribe’ i.e. have their name included on the SELMAS mailing list, should contact Catriona Oates directly. Her Twitter name is Catriona_O

SELMAS Brainstrust 3 – The Outsiders

selmas-brains-trustSELMAS Brainstrust 3:  9 November 2016 – The Outsiders – Braes High School, Falkirk

As the title suggests, the first SELMAS Brainstrust of the session (and 3rd in total) focuses on the young people in danger of being left behind by the education system.  We will hear from colleagues who have made sure that the young people in their care don’t fall into this category.

Please find more information about this free professional learning event on the SELMAS website – https://welcometoselmas.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/brains-trust-3-the-outsiders/  – where you will also find the link to enrol.