why teaching?

To me a good teacher – a great teacher- is a person who inspires their pupils to succeed, who provides fun and engaging lessons which makes the children want to learn, a teacher who explores their pupil’s imagination and curiosity through active and creative learning paths.


Where would be in life without being taught something? Would we know how to speak, form words, right sentences add numbers? Would we know manners, respect responsibility? Everything that we know now, even these words written down have been taught to us most likely by teachers, ordinary people who have dedicated their lives, knowledge and expertise to teach future generations of children. They teach the fundamentals of education literacy and numeracy, but what we forget to acknowledge is that teachers play a pivotal role in our lives their expertise doesn’t just stop at words and numbers. Teachers educate us on respect; communication and responsibility, they open our eyes to the rest of the world, they help us step out of our own lives and recognise the struggles and hardship that people face. They help us recognise the significance of history and the importance of our future. Teacher inspire children to be the best they can be.

So why wouldn’t you want to be a teacher? Why wouldn’t you want to be that influential person that has played a part in shaping children’s education, future careers and the person that they are today. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher to make a difference to be that person that has helped someone to succeed and to overcome the challenges that they may face, I’ve always found the profession so rewarding, that feeling you get when see a child struggling to do their work and after your support and understanding they are well equipped to succeed in the task. That smile they get when they know they have fully accomplished something all by themselves, is great, what more could ask for in a career. Teachers impact people’s lives, there is always a child with a story to tell about the amazing teacher they once had, the amazing impact that teacher had on their education and their life and I believe that is the goal of teaching. To provide children with a safe environment where they can learn, explore their imagination and curiosity freely and to impact their life in a such a good positive way that can never be forgotten.

I have always wanted to be that teacher who inspired their pupils to succeed, to explore their potential and help children reach their goals. Over the years I’ve been lucky to have many teachers who have supported me in my education in which I’m truly grateful, without those teachers, without their compassion, understanding and support who knows where I would be in my life. Would I be at university? Would I be studying teaching? Probably not they impacted my life in such a great way they inspired me to the exact same in hope that I be a successful and influential teacher just like them.