MA1 Placement





1. Plan to meet the needs of every individual in the class.


I have chosen this as my first goal as I have never had the experience of formally planning out and delivering a full class or group lesson. After the pre-visit day I have noted the need to be able to differentiate my lessons in order to meet the needs of this class, as there are a number of pupils with ASN and EAL. I want my lessons to be as engaging and stimulating as possible, to avoid behaviour management issues from arising.
2. Develop positive behaviour strategies


I have chosen this goal as I have previously found myself giving more attention to negative behaviour, rather than praising good behaviour. I aim to follow the school’s positive behaviour policy by developing positive behaviour management strategies.
3. Learn about different ways of using formative assessment.


This is an area that I haven’t consciously taken into consideration in previous classroom situations and so would like to focus on understanding the best and most effective methods of formative assessment. This will link to my goal about planning as I will be able to use the assessment results to inform my future lessons, based on what the class have understood. I want to explore ways of assessment that don’t require written evidence from the class.




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