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“Why does he get that!?!” – Resource Allocation

This post is a reflection from the Values: Self Society and the Professions seminar on Tuesday 19th September 2017 with Derek Robertson.

Summary of Events

Everyone in the room was split into 1 of 5 groups. Each group was given an envelope of resources inside. Derek told us we were to use these resources (no personal items) to make something that a new first year education student would find useful. After planning, we were given around 20 minutes to do this. I was in Group 1 with around 6 others peers. During this time, Derek was very consistent in giving my group specifically praise for our ideas, frequently using the word ‘industrious’. This was something we were all proud of and happy to receive, however it wasn’t until the presenting stage of the seminar where the true purpose was revealed.

Each group presented their ‘pack’ (or whatever they had made) to the rest of the class, where it became noticeable that we had been given a lot more resources that e.g. Group 5, who had been given 3 or 4 items only. Derek almost ‘forgot’ about Group 5 when Group 4 has finished presenting. This was all done to conceive a message.


A lot of children will have a greater number of resources than others. This is something Primary School Teachers need to take into great consideration. Many pupils will come from different backgrounds to one and other. Even though they will sit side by side at their desks in the classroom, it is highly plausible that they are living different lifestyles outside of the school doors. Factors that affect this could include:

  • Parental status
  • Accommodation/Living arrangements
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Amount of time spent living in the area (have they moved around a lot?)

Being the first seminar for the module, I highly enjoyed the task we were given. This has made me excited for the rest of these seminars, and I am ambitious to learn new things along with them.