Dear adult


Children have been doing a lot of thinking and talking about adults and what characteristics an adult needs to haveThey made posters and wrote letters. Here are some examples:

‘Dear adults: Do everything you can to make us happy. Please keep children safe. Let children play. Children must have a home.’

‘Dear adults: Please respect us children. Please do everything you can to look after us! Don’t do anything nasty to us kids.’

‘Dear adults: We are writing to you to make you a better adult. You should look after your family. Do not fight.’

‘Dear adults: You should be less mood and less hard-working. Let us do things for ourselves, except cooking. Never be mean.’

The importance of family



Children talk about the importance of families and what families need.

“Families keep you safe, no matter what. Sometimes they need help. Families need energy and to have fun. They need a computer, a garden and pets. They need to be a happy family.”
Natasha, Elle, Katie, Brooke P5 Tullos PS

“We were learning about families being healthy and happy. Families need support from each other to stay safe. We drew pictures of our family saying who is important to us. All families need shelter.”
Amy, Nicole, Morgan, Aaron and Danielle P5 Tullos PS

“To help families we should do something about the litter, smoking and alcohol and drugs in our community. There should be no animal cruelty. People need schools and houses. We need good drivers. Homeless people need houses. We need clean beaches.”
Matthew, Cody, Beth, Kirstie and Sophie P6 Tullos PS

Creating our own community

Children reimagine their community as a place that is safe, healthy and happy.




“The best things about our community are our family, friends and school. We like to live near school. We need to stop graffiti and rubbish. We would change the fact that people smoke. There’s heaps of dog mess, it’s the most common thing. We need more trees.”

Sophie, Lloyd, James and Dillon P6 Tullos Primary School

“Our Community Differences: There are exciting opportunities for children to play in parks and on the beach. There are good people and good views. We would change the smell and being close to the sewage. There’s a problem with dog poo. We don’t like violence. People shouldn’t disrespect the environment.”

Arkadi, Bethanay, Jodi and Lauren P5 Tullos Primary School

“In our community people are helpful and polite. They have nice houses. There are bins for rubbish and allotments and fresh air. There can be dog poo which is a problem. Adults shouldn’t smoke in front of children. At night it can be noisy and dogs bark.”

Billy, Niamh, LJ, Chukwuoma and Sophie P4/5 Tullos Primary School

A healthy, happy and safe school

Every school should be a place where children are healthy, happy and safe – and doing their best!

“Today we went to see Colin and we talked about staying safe, being healthy and doing your best. We got a big bit of paper and we wrote down what makes us feel safe and all the positive stuff. It was really fun. Stay safe! Have fun!”

Kelsey, P5, Tullos Primary School

“This afternoon we shared our ideas and feelings about having a good place to be happy. If children are sad or down at school we can give them a good environment, care about them and help them talk about it.”

Lennon, Brooke, Sean-Paul and Sasha, P5, Tullos Primary School

Human dignity

Every human being is important and special. We call this human dignity.


“Catrin and Colin came into the class to tell us what human dignity means. When you have human dignity it means that you’re safe and protected and that you should be nice to other people. We all made a poster that shows the good side and the bad side, what gives us human dignity and what takes it away. Then we stood up to tell the class what was most important to us.”

P6 Tullos primary


In 2016 we will be working with Aberdeen City colleagues on an exciting new programme of work engaging with children and communities in the City. Our school partners will be Bramble Brae Primary, Manor Park Primary, Riverbank Primary and Tullos Primary. The programme focuses on imagining Aberdeen as a place where children are healthy, happy and safe.