Parliament Peeps: Adults

The Parliament Peeps were asked to think some more about teachers at Manor Park and what they can do and say to make sure everyone can do their best.

They thought these things would help:

Do more fun things – change the lessons up everyday

When children come into school in the morning, cheer them up if they aren’t feeling good.

Let children learn at their own pace and their own level.

Be clear – make a lot of sense.


This is Miss Rabbie. She like to draw and show other people how to do it. She has a space for painting and drawing. She helps children with maths and writing. She is funny.

This is Mr Cool. He is tall and red haired and not funny but very kind. He helps people if they need help. He teaches children how to be a good child by being kind.

This is Miss Weir. She’s wearing a stripy cardy and has ginger hair. She’s kind. She like to do fun things with her class. She has a pen, so it corrects all the children’s work automatically. This means she isn’t tired and not grumpy in the morning.

This is Mr Maths. He like turquoise so wears it and has a hat on, which makes him smarter. He has a special pen – when he does maths it changes so that it is different for every pupil, at their own level. He has buttons that go red when people lie. This is the only time he gets angry.

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