According to the psychologist Robert Plutchik there are 8 basic human emotions: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, trust and anticipation. And according to the Imagineers there are 9, with the addition of love! For this activity, the Imagineers come up with ideas for when a child might feel these emotions and making their own papier mache emojis for checking-in. 

Key message: Feelings really matter. They have a big impact on all that children do.


When someone is polite; welcoming and kind, playing with friends; when good things happen in your life; when you have a good day; when you get something new; when you see your mum and when you play at a park.


Someone is unkind or rude, when you feel betrayed, when you get bullied, if you lose someone or something, when your pet dies, when you move away and when you have no-one to play with.


Being with your family, when your parents take you to new places, getting a new sibling, your parent(s)/ carer gives you a hug everyday and when your mum asks you to come out for dinner.


When someone make you feel safe and protected, if someone helps you, when your friends keep a secret, when someone trusts you with a secret, when you like someone, and they like you too, when you earn friendship and you know you can depend on your mum.


When you’re expecting something to happen and when you are waiting for your mum and dad argue.


When you are scared because you are getting bullied at school, when you don’t want to do something, if you are lost in a forest, when you go to bed after watching a horror movie, when you play a scary game and when your parents argue.


On their birthday, at an event and when you get a surprise party.


When you get made fun of, when you are bored and have nothing to do, when you lose a game.


When you eat something, you don’t like and when someone spits out food they have already chewed.

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