Walking around Manor Park

The Imagining Manor Park Artworkers went on a walk to  identify what we like and don’t like about our community and why. We thought about what things could be done more, or changed, to make the community more of a place where children are healthy, happy, safe and doing their best.

In our community we like:
The Hub as it sells healthy food and has the Youth Flat, the police who keep us safe, the lollipop lady, safely parked cars, places to exercise and play like the park, the newly upgraded, our families, and fun play equipment, lovely gardens and flowers, the field, shops because your mum can buy you treats, the beautiful air in the green spaces and the views.’

‘I can see my classroom from my bedroom window and it makes me feel happy.’

‘There is a lot of wildlife near the school. I like when the cars go silent and you can hear the birds singing and see them in the bushes.  There’s always cats to pet.’

In our community we’d change:
People putting litter on the streets, dog poo, motorbike noise, drunk people, cars driving badly,  too much construction going on, sometimes the area smells really bad, glass bottles lying about, swearing, smoking, cars parked on the pavement and the cloudy weather.

‘I’d add a skate park as then there would be more to do. I’d add a fireman’s pole to the park. There used to be one but they don’t have it in the new, upgraded park.’

‘I don’t like the shop because people can gamble there and waste their money.’

‘I’d move the Zebra Crossing near the Hub to a safer place as cars don’t slow down or stop and it makes us feel unsafe.’

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