Our Learning Selfies

Children need learning to be fun and have important people around them to help them be good learners. 

”Learning is a basic human right. We explored how we learn and who helps us learn by creating learner ID badges.’

‘The people who are important to me in my life are my mum, dad, four sisters and my granny and grandad. When I am sick they look after me and they teach me how to swim.’ Maria D

‘The things I have learned in my life are how to talk, play, tie my shoelaces and make friends.’ Ellie

‘The things I like to do include jumping, parkour and having Golden Time. I would like to work at my dad’s work when I grow up and learn what he does.’ Jayden

‘I like to game, floss and play the PS4.’ Things I like to do are dancing, swimming and playing the cornet.’ Jegors and Sophie

‘I would like to learn how to be a teacher, have a baby and how to be on Youtube.’ Maria B

‘I would like to learn more words and sounds, like ow, ai, ou and oa because they sound great. Room 12 could teach me and then I would know so much more!’ Karolis

‘My mum is important to me because she keeps the house clean and me clean. She gives me everything.’ Azizur

‘I like playing with lego because you can build whatever you want. I’ve made so many cars.’ Viesturs

‘I want to learn how to be a fighter, to not be scared of a lot of things and to be a doctor.’ Max

‘I have learned how to do timetables. I can do up to 7 and 9, 10 and 11. 9 is easy because I have learned about the number pattern.’ Yasin

‘I would like to learn how to ride a bike, how to climb a tree, become a teacher, to be a mum, learn how to go on a plane, become a famous youtuber and dye my hair blue!’ Jorja

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