Plotting for learning treasure

‘We have been plotting learning treasures on our map. If it is like me as a learner we put it on the left of the island. If it is not like me as a learner we put it on the right.’

‘I make a plan when I’m in my house and my mum says “tidy up your room”. I gather all toys and put them in a pile where they belong. At school I’d make a plan when using timetables. If I was doing 2 x 1, I would draw out two squares and then write 1 in each of the squares. I can then add them up. Making a plan helps me get everything done. I also use watch and learn a lot. When I was five I came to Scotland. I couldn’t speak English. I watched everyone else and copied what they were saying. This helped me learn.’


‘I like to work things out carefully like maths and writing. If I am doing 8 x 8 I’d use my brain and my fingers to count it out and get the right answer.’


‘I listen and understand how others feel. When other people don’t know the answers I know how they are feeling; sad, stressed and angry. I’d give them a number line if I was doing maths. This can help them.’

‘I do not get on with others because sometimes I get annoyed by people and annoy them back. This then gets us into trouble by the PSA, teacher or Head Teacher.’

‘Making a plan is not like me. I usually never come up with stuff in advance. I need to work on this as school work could be easier if you knew what I had to do.’

Katrina and Dexter

‘I don’t keep going when doing maths. I skip the hard questions and go onto the easy questions.’



One thought on “Plotting for learning treasure”

  1. “We had a class discussion about using our learning treasures!”

    Bradley said:
    “My learning treasure is working things out. I use it by doing work slowly and checking as I go. No distractions get in my way.”

    Nadia’s learning treasure is: I make a Plan. She said:
    “Now I think more before I start my work. I get my work done faster if I have a plan.”

    Dominic likes to Watch and Learn. He said,
    “I watch more and more and have more concentration and that helps my work. Work is the same but I think it will improve over time.

    Thank you for helping us find out Learning Treasures CP!”

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