Resource Sharing

Glow Blogs Sites are designed for sharing. Like many publication on the internet a major aim will be to share something. Some sites will have this as their main focus. It may be sharing of resources for others: information or links to elsewhere on the web.


Sites designed to share may use different types of organisation. A site that is regularly updated may consist mainly of posts. A site with fixed or infrequently updated information may be made up of pages. Some sites may have both. The content of these pages or posts will influence the choice of theme and organisation.

For a resource sharing site is is a really good idea to think about how the resources will be organised before you start building the site.


Before you start a site to share it will help to understand posts and pages and how you want your resources to be organised.

You may want to understand the different navigation techniques that you can use in blogs.

To organise your posts you it will help to know about Categories and Tags.

If you are linking to sites or resources outside your blog you will need to know how to link.

If you want to offer your visitors a more complex search you might use the Search & Filter plugin.

You may also want to embed resources from other sites, Glow Blogs supports embedding of many different kinds of content many are documented on this site: Embeds: Examples of embedding content from other sites on Glow Blogs


DigiLearn Scot Education Scotland’s digital education support site. Great example of the Make Theme and some H5P content.

Making Music Scottish Borders Youth Music Initiative  The Borders YMI team have produced a large number of online lessons to use in class and or use at home. There are over 120 videos on our YouTube Channel and specific materials for Early Year settings.

Healthier minds a site sharing information with Children, young people and families.

DF Scotland Teach | Ideas for learning at home and in school A teacher sharing ideas and resources.

This site, which shares basic ideas about using Glow Blogs. It is a fairly static resource so is made up of pages in a hierarchy rather than a series of chronological posts. The Glow Blogs Help site is another example of this although it has a fairly infrequently updated news section.

DigiLearnFalk aims to ensure all learners and educators are able to benefit from digital technology in education