BBC School Radio programmes to focus on the Commonwealth Games

The BBC are broadcasting a series of School Radio programmes which will focus on the Commonwealth Games.

For First Level learners, Movement First takes in a tour of 5 Commonwealth countries through music, movement and imagination.

For second level learners, Making the Commonwealth looks at the preparations for the Games and looks at the maths behind the tournament?

Three more programmes in each series with new programme going out weekly on Thursday evening.

Programmes can be streamed from the site or downloaded for up to one year after they’ve been broadcast. There is a huge array of content for primary learners including features and radio dramas about Scottish History and Archaeology, the Referendum, Science, Myths and Legends, Bullying, as well as linkups with big stars like Nina and the Neurons and Dick and Dom!  It’s a great way to bring active listening to the classroom and there are lots of opportunities for everyone in the class to get involved.

You can explore here:
(Early/1st Level)
(2nd Level)