Glow Update – New RM Unify Release

Each month the Scottish Government produces an update detailing the progress of the various projects involved in Glow as well as useful information for Key Contacts, partners and educationalists.

Here on the Learning Blog we will be publishing these updates and highlighting various aspects of it during the month.

This post will be looking at the Glow Service and the new RM Unify Release.

RM Unify is the product from RM Education that hosts the Launchpad from which users can access their Glow content and services. An update, Version 2.0, is now live. We will continue to try to improve our notification process to you of these updates. The new features include:

  • Personal Launch Pads and an improved RM user interface including optimization for different screen sizes.
  • The My Launchpad feature allows individuals to personalise the Launchpad from a selection of tiles, including those made available by their school.
  • My Launchpad is available to all users by default. All users will now have restricted access to the RM Unify App Library to allow population of My Launchpad.
  • Schools can disable the My Launchpad feature if they wish using their RM Unify Administration accounts.
  • The RM Unify support documentation describes in detail the process of enabling.
  • To find out more visit the RM Unify Blog

    You can also download the full Glow Update Newsletter – April 2014 document.

    HIgher Chemistry Resources Guide


    This is the next in a series of Higher Resources guides linking key areas of the curriculum to identified learning and teaching resources

    The pages show the SQA Higher Chemistry course and unit support notes with an extra column. Content new to the course from the Higher Still Higher are highlighted in green.

    The extra column, entitled “Resources identified by Education Scotland”, shows links to resources each with a brief description. They are web-based resources such as animations which help understanding of the mandatory content listed. Each resource is placed adjacent to the content it exemplifies.

    Updates will appear on GLOW 365.

    Higher Chemistry Resources Guide

    Higher Physics Resources Guide

    This is part of a series of Higher Resources guides linking Mandatory Course key areas to useful learning and teaching resources.

    The pages show the Mandatory Course key areas table from the SQA Higher Physics Course and Unit Support Notes with an additional column containing hyperlinks to videos, animations and other resources. Content new to the course from the Higher Still Higher has been highlighted in green to further assist practitioners.

    Updates will appear on GLOW 365

    Higher Physics Resources Guide

    Forestry Commission Scotland – Woodland Workout

    Forestry Commission Scotland is encouraging young people to feel the benefit of the Commonwealth Games with a new Woodland Workout pack. Targeted at 3-14 year olds the pack promotes opportunities for quality, fun and safe physical activity in the outdoors and includes ideas for games, physical activities and staging ‘adapted’ Commonwealth sports in the woodlands. The pack, complete with teachers’ guide, encourages young people to have fun but to also be responsible for their well-being and consider risk. As well as considering potential hazards in their activity space and taking risks with solving problems, it also allows children the chance to learn how to manage ‘failure’ through reflecting on performance to set new challenges.

    The Woodland Workout, with Commonwealth Games supplement has been issued to schools across Scotland and is available to download.

    Space Dinner Competition

    This resource provides information about a competition which requires students to create a meal for Tim Peake to eat on the International Space Station.

    The On board the ISS presentation outlines facts about food in space and provides photographs to simulate discussion.

    The Great British Space Dinner Competition presentation sets the challenge for the students and gives information about the constraints that must be taken into consideration when designing the meal. The full size picture file contains higher resolution images.

    The Menu design team activity sheet can be used to plan out the meal, give reasons for choices made and to evaluate the results, after making the meal.

    For further information and how to participate in the competition:

    Use of Wikis

    As you might know, the current wiki service within Glow will be decommissioned in October 2014 and we are planning to have a replacement service by then.

    As part of that process, we are gathering requirements and we would like to consult with users of wikis to understand their current use (Glow or otherwise) and the features they would be interested to see in the future.

    To participate in this survey please visit the QuestBack Survey.
    Thank you in advance for taking part your feedback is very important to us.

    I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!




    I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!  have been producing a series of science debate kits for some years now. They contain a detailed lesson plans and online resources. They are simple and ready to use educational resources that are good for small groups or a whole class.

    Their latest free debate kit is on the topic of Electricity Distribution. It gets secondary students thinking about how electricity distribution is a major engineering and technical challenge.  Teachers can sign up to receive this kit and future ones here: