Midlothian Moscars 2014

It a special night which will live long in the memories of the young people and their teachers who attended the first Midlothian Moscars ceremony. Last Tuesday Lasswade became the movie capital of the world as 300 specially invited guests, many dressed glamorously for this red carpet event, gathered to find out which films had been nominated for the 14 prestigious gold statuettes.

The Moscars, challenged primary pupils to come up with a great idea for a film and then demonstrate their creative talents by writing screenplays, acting, filming, editing and directing. The project integrated a range of CfE experiences and outcomes covering literacy, technology, art and design, drama, and music and involved more than 1,500 Midlothian primary children in a range of activities including:
· Researching about film genres
· Writing a screenplay or narrative
· Auditioning for parts – performers and production team
· Creating a production plan
· Storyboarding
· Filming and production
· Creating a score or soundtrack
· Editing

The connected nature of these themes provided an excellent context for interdisciplinary learning as well as opportunities for pupils to apply knowledge and skills in new and unfamiliar situations.

Between February and May 48 films were produced, including dramas, thrillers, comedies, documentaries, animations and even a musical! The entries included films about zombie invasion, ghost stories, time travel, and superheroes, as well as dramas based on WW1 and WW2, the Scottish Wars of Independence and the Midlothian Mining disaster of 1890.

The judging panel, which had the almost impossible task of deciding the winners of the first ever Moscars awards, was impressed by the high quality of the films submitted. Midlothian Schools Group Manager, Alan Wait, said: “The judges were amazed at the film-making skills demonstrated by children. It wasn’t just about the performance of the actors, it was the overall quality of production and direction that made films really stand out. Some films had great stories, whilst others had memorable performances, but things like costume, make-up, special effects and the musical score also contributed hugely to the overall impact.

There was drama, tears and even an emotional acceptance speech from Strathesk pupil Ellie Wotherspoon, whose team took the Best Film award for their wonderful anti-bullying story, Pig. It might be too early to say if the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Cate Blanchett has been discovered in Midlothian, but the 2014 Moscars was an unforgettable evening, enjoyed hugely by all those who attended.

There will also be an opportunity for the general public to view the movies at a film festival which will take place in September.

For more information about the Moscars Project contact:
Alan Wait, Schools Group Manager – Alan.Wait@Midlothian.gov.uk

Philosophy Conversation Day: Invitation to apply for a place at this event

Education Scotland will be hosting one of its popular Conversation Days on Monday 1 September 2014 at Denholm House in Livingston.  This is an opportunity for members of the philosophy teaching community in Scotland’s schools and colleges to come together and share ideas, good practice and talk through what’s happening in the subject at school and college levels.

The event is limited to 40 delegates and places will be allocated to ensure a good balance of school/college representation as well as a good geographical spread of delegates. The event is free, and lunch and good company are provided!  If you would like to apply for a place at this event, please contact Joe Walker, Senior Education Officer for Philosophy with your details and a short note about why this event would be of benefit to you.

Closing date for applications is noon on Friday 15 August. You will be notified shortly after this date as to whether you have been allocated a place.

Further details and draft programme are available from joe.walker@educationscotland.gov.uk

Psychology Conversation Day: Invitation to apply for a place at this event

Education Scotland will be hosting one of its popular Conversation Days on Tuesday 2 September 2014 at Denholm House, Livingston. This is an opportunity for members of the psychology teaching community in Scotland’s schools and colleges to come together and share ideas, good practice and talk through what’s happening in the subject.

The event is limited to 40 delegates and places will be allocated to ensure a good balance of school/college representation as well as a good geographical spread of delegates. The event is free and lunch is provided!  If you would like to apply for a place at this event, please contact Joe Walker, Senior Education Officer for Psychology at the email address below with your details and a short note about why this event would be of benefit to you.

Closing date for applications is noon on Friday 15 August. You will be notified shortly after this date as to whether you have been allocated a place.

Further details and draft programme are available from joe.walker@educationscotland.gov.uk

What issue should science solve next? Ask the Longitude Prize challenge champions.

Water. Paralysis. Food. Flight. Dementia. Antibiotics. Which challenge should science solve next?

In 1714 the UK Government offered £20,000 to the person who could solve the Longitude problem. In 2014 the prize fund has increased to £10,000,000 and the public get to decide what challenge needs to be solved.

I’m a Scientist get me out of here are giving the public the chance to ask before they vote with our Longitude Prize Zone. Until Wednesday June 25th anyone can quiz their champions to help decide which challenge to vote for, at:longitude.imascientist.org.uk

Physics resources for N4 and N5 from Aberdeen City Council

Many thanks to Aberdeen City Council for sharing resources.
These materials are provided to support staff who are delivering programmes of learning in Physics National 4 and National 5. Staff are encouraged to draw on these materials, and existing materials, to develop their own programmes of learning which are appropriate to the needs of each individual school.

The materials include National 4 and National 5 teacher guide and a complete set of problems and answers for:
•Electricity and energy
•Waves and radiation.

They are available in the NQ Sciences Glow Portal.


Chemistry resources for N4 and N5 from Aberdeen City Council

Many thanks to Aberdeen City Council for sharing resources.

These materials are provided to support staff who are delivering programmes of learning in Chemistry National 4 and 5. The materials include teaching and learning activities for:
•Chemical formulae and reaction quantities
•Acids and alkalis
•Rates of reaction
•Energy changes
•Atomic structure
•Chemical formulae and equations.

They are available in the NQ Sciences Glow Portal.


Composition Working Group – June

The composition working group met for the second time on June 10th. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the findings of the online survey which gauged the nature and need of support for composition in the classroom. The link to the survey was highlighted in our on line blog and through social media and ran from the middle of April until May 9th. Using these findings, the working grouped consider best ways of moving support for composition in the classroom forward.

The findings of the survey are illustrated in the graphs below, but it is clear that further support in developing compositional practice in the classroom would be welcomed by practitioners.

The group considered the need for building a strong foundation through early, first and second levels and the importance of developing spaces for learners to explore their own creativity. Recognition was also given to the importance of ensuring composition is relevant to the learner and that learners are able to take ownership of their work.

The group also discussed the work undertaken by Dr Michele Kaschub and Dr Janice P Smith – Composing Together Website – who have developed tools and strategies for facilitating creative approaches to composition in the classroom. Their work demonstrates how tensions in music are key to compositional success and how this looks in practice across the developmental stages most learners will go through.

Glow Update – June 2014

The Scottish Government June 2014 Glow Update is now available. This update details the progress of the various projects involved in Glow as well as useful information for Key Contacts, partners and educationalists.

Here on the Learning Blog we will be publishing these helpful updates on a monthly basis to keep everyone up to date with developments in Glow. In this edition you can find information on:

  • Glow Service – RM Unify Release
  • Countdown to switchover
  • Glow Projects Update
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communications
  • Guidance and Policy
  • Download the June 2014 Glow Update – June 2014 Update Newsletter

    Education Scotland’s support for learning, teaching and assessment in the sciences

    Education Scotland has produced a suite of documents to support learning, teaching and assessment of the sciences from early to third level.

    Following on from the Sciences Experiences and Outcomes  we have the  Sciences Principles and Practice Paper, essential reading which:

    • details the purposes of learning within the sciences
    • describes how the experiences are organised
    • offers guidance on aspects such as learning and teaching, broad features of assessment, progression and connections with other areas of the curriculum.


    Supporting the Principles and Practice paper is the Concept Development in the Sciences paper.

    This document is unique to the sciences curriculum and provides:

    • material for teachers to use alongside the experiences and outcomes to plan for the development of learners’ scientific knowledge, understanding and skills
    • describes progression in the development of knowledge and understanding of some of the scientific concepts.


    In addition the Assessing Progress and Achievement in the Sciences paper supplements advice stated in the Principles and Practice paper to support practitioners in capturing what children and young people have achieved.

    Assessment in the sciences focusses on learners’ knowledge, understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities in the significant aspects of learning.

    We want learners to have K/U of the big ideas and concepts in science and also develop skills in investigation and enquiry, analytical thinking and become scientifically literate – the significant aspects of learning bring these together. They are the core learning against which learners’ progress can be compared periodically and are common to all levels from early to third.

    Assessing Progress and Achievement in the Sciences:

    • supports professional learning and provides opportunity for reflection on assessing progress and achievement by giving further information on the significant aspects of learning and an outline of what breadth, challenge and application look like
    • designed to support quality assurance and moderation activities in planning for progression and approaches to managing assessment.

    In addition to this there is the new Sciences Progression Framework, a guide intended to support practitioners in considering the evidence of knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities provided by learners as they progress through and then achieve a level in the sciences.

    The significant aspects of learning relate to the statements for each level within this progression framework. They should be considered jointly when assessing progress and achievement.

    We also have annotated exemplification of work in the sciences which show work deemed to typify the achievement of a level in the sciences. The effectiveness of the support documentation is evident when used alongside the annotated exemplars.  

    This resource:

    • outlines significant aspects of learning and describes what breadth, challenge and application looks like
    • should be used when planning learning and assessment
    • contributes to the moderation and profiling processes to help create a reliable picture of learners’ progress and achievement.
    • provides a focus for professional dialogue involving staff within or across establishments
    • provides a focus for dialogue involving parents
    • helps inform and review the quality of learners’ work which is deemed to typify the achievement of a level
    • identifies the range of work which typifies the achievement of a level across the learning in a curriculum area
    • encourages practitioners to appreciate how the quality of work being produced by their learners compares with that in the exemplars
    • supports practitioners in identifying aspects of the approaches used which might inform their own practice in their contexts
    • contributes to identifying gaps in the learning of their learners

    Additional information regarding the sciences curriculum can be accessed through the Education Scotland sciences website and STEM Central.

    Additional assessment resources can be accessed through Education Scotland  Learning Teaching and Assessment

    Scottish Engineering Awards- Special Leaders Award 2014/15

    lf you could be an engineer in Scotland – what would you do?

    The Leaders Award for STEM is a Primary Engineer programme open to students from 5 to 19 years old. It is a fantastic way to increase their awareness of the breadth of opportunities open to them within STEM subjects. Students  have the chance to speak directly to professionals from different fields in STEM. This award is a great opportunity to engage pupils with real engineers who will convey the importance of STEM in their daily working lives. Schools will be able to develop relationships with industry, both local and worldwide, giving pupils a unique perspective of professions and their significance in the wider world.

    The Challenge
    Pupils are asked to research engineering and interview a practicing engineer to interpret the statement “lf you could be an engineer in Scotland – what would you do?”. Primary pupils are asked to illustrate their response, accompanied by 100 words. Secondary pupils are asked to illustrate their response, accompanied by 350 words.

    The website contains resources and lesson plans which can help pupils get their research underway. Just visit the ‘Downloads’ section of the website at www.leadersaward.com.

    All successful participants will receive a certificate and winning entries will be exhibited to the public at the Barony Hall, University of Strathclyde (date TBC).

    Closing date: 10th February 2015

    How to get involved
    Register your school via the website www.leadersaward.com. Once registered, you will receive an application pack and further guidance on completing the award.

    Learning for Sustainability – Professional Development Course (Friday 26th September 2014)

    LfS Scotland, in partnership with the Moray House School of Education, is now taking bookings for our new Leadership for Sustainability professional development course – a one-day course for Head Teachers, Depute Head Teachers and Principal Teachers in primary or secondary schools, and local authority officers with a key role in supporting Learning for Sustainability.

    This highly interactive programme will highlight simple steps that school leaders can take to develop an effective whole school approach to Learning for Sustainability. It will enable you to effectively plan for and implement Learning for Sustainability requirements in your school in ways that will significantly enhance the educational experience of your pupils. A free follow-up twilight course is available to provide the opportunity for continuing collaboration with colleagues and for sharing insights from critical self-evaluation, reflection and enquiry.

    More information is available here and to book a place, please contact Morag Watson

    Big Song Relay Sing Along

    As part of the Commonwealth Games, Culture 2014 and the Big Song Relay, Robyn Stapleton and Maeve Mackinnon are coming together to teach the official Big Song Relay song ‘Here’s To All Our Common Wealth’.

    We will be teaching it in English, Scots and Gaelic. The song is being sung all over Scotland following the Queen’s Baton and maybe you could join in when it passes.

    Join us to find out more on Friday 13th June in Glow TV – sign up and find out more!

    Book now for SLF 2014

    Registration for SLF 2014 is now open at www.scottishlearningfestival.org.uk

    The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:
    • early intervention and prevention – for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes;
    • health and wellbeing – ranging from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners;
    • employability skills – to secure a highly educated, well prepared and well-motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.

    SLF 2014 is free for everyone to attend and gives you access to:

    • Inspirational keynotes from Michael Russell MSP, Dr Frank Dick, Prof Alma Harris and John Carnochan;
    • Over 100 professional development seminars where you can engage in activities and learn from practitioners and young people;
    • Lively debate at the professional discussions led by Sir Ian Wood, Chair of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, Sir Bill Gammell, Chairman and Co-founder of the Winning Scotland Foundation and Kenneth Muir, Chief Executive of the GTCS;
    • Scotland’s largest education exhibition with over 100 exhibitors showcasing educational resources;
    • Opportunities for discussion and professional networking with peers and colleagues from across Scotland.

    Book Now
    To guarantee your place at SLF 2014 and your choice of seminars book now, as many sessions do fill up before the summer break. Visit www.scottishlearningfestival.org.uk to browse the full conference programme and book your place today.

    SQA Star Awards 2014 – nominate your brightest star’s!

    Nominations are now open for the SQA’s annual Star Awards.

    The awards are a unique way to celebrate success, triumph, achievement and recognition of the best in education and training. Behind every success story lies motivation and commitment, pride and self-esteem and, of course, sheer hard work.

    See the stars come out – nominate your stars today at www.sqa.org.uk/star

    Closing date for entries is Friday 27 June 2014.

    Science and Sustainability at the Scottish Learning Festival


    SLF 2014 is completely FREE for everyone to attend and will support practitioners as they explore a wide range of practical approaches, resources and research aimed at improving achievement and attainment for all learners in Scotland.
    There will be inspirational keynotes speeches, conversation and debate in the professional discussion sessions and professional learning seminars where you can engage in activities and learn from practitioners and young people;

    This includes a number of seminars specifically aimed at addressing the sciences curriculum.

    Wednesday 24th
    Learning for sustainability – a strategic agenda for change – SLF Guide Page 7

    In February 2014, the National Implementation Group for Learning for Sustainability was established to ensure all learners in schools experience global citizenship, outdoor learning, sustainability, children’s rights and play in a transformative way. This seminar will outline the ambitions of the group and this exciting agenda for change which will impact on all schools and support the introduction of the new GTCS Professional Standards.

    Thursday 25th
    Supporting primary science to inspire STEM careers – SLF Guide Page 21

    STEM subjects are central to Scotland’s economic future and our health and wellbeing. They also offer a range of excellent career opportunities for young people. This seminar will demonstrate how SSERC and Education Scotland provide valuable support for primary practitioners to enthuse and inspire learners about science and STEM careers.

    Thursday 25th
    Engaging pupils with science – SLF Guide Page 23

    Outlining the various projects Aberdeen City have developed, which have increased pupils’ engagement and enthusiasm in science. This includes the S6 Science Ambassador Award; Science Buddy Award; P6/7 Science Champions; Intertek Science Fair; Science for PSAs & Playground Science.

    To book your place browse the conference programme, note the seminars you want to
    attend and visit the SLF website – www.scottishlearningfestival.org.uk.

    Register on line today.

    Higher Human Biology Resource Guide

    This Higher Human Biology Resources Guide links Mandatory key areas to useful learning and teaching resources.

    The pages show the Mandatory key areas table from the SQA Higher Biology course and unit support notes with an additional column containing hyperlinks to videos, animations and other resources. Content new to the course from the Higher Still Higher have been highlighted in green to further assist practitioners.

    Updates will be posted on GLOW 365

    This resource compliments similar guides produced for Higher Biology, Chemistry and Physics

    Higher Human Biology Resource Guide

    Glasgow Science Centre, the Hidden Universe 17th-19th June 2014

    The deep space of the hidden universe is so unimaginably distant that until recently we didn’t have the capability to explore it.

    Take your own trip back in time and through space in the company of Dr Jonathan Whitmore, astrophysicist and lead astronomer of the Hidden Universe.

    A showing of the documentary “Hidden Universe” will be supplemented by a live introduction and Q&A from Dr Jonathan Whitmore himself, and an opportunity to learn more under the stars of the Science Centre planetarium.

    For further information contact Glasgow Science Centre www.glasgowsciencecentre.org

    FREE TRAINING DAY – Recognising and Realising Children’s Rights in a Global Context

    SATURDAY 7th JUNE – 10.30-4.00
    Godfrey Thomson Hall Thomson’s land Moray House School of Education, The University of Edinburgh, Old Moray House, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ


    A gathering of people with a commitment to develop rights-­based values, attitudes, skills and practices in working with children and young people. This will be of particular interest to teachers, community

    leaders and workers and all those who are committed to the development, formation and support of young people in their own and in a global context.


    Twende Pamoja seeks to promote the development of a global vision, in the context of relationship. It supports partnerships between communities, schools and places of learning in Tanzania and Scotland. In the past 3 years Twende Pamoja has conducted workshops enabling young people in both countries to articulate their vision for the future.


    Seven Tanzanian young people who have been working as young leaders are presently in Scotland and along with seven young Scottish counterparts will take part in the day.


    • raise awareness and develop knowledge/understanding of the UNCRC

    • reflect with young adults in an international context about these issues

    • enable individuals and establishments to self evaluate their practice in the light of the UNCRC

    • support improvement planning within communities and institutions

    • encourage reflective dialogue in the midst of busyness


    If you would like to register for the day e-­‐mail the following information to


    Tea/coffee will be provided. Participants should bring their own lunch. Having taken part in this event you may be interested in coming to the Conversation on 21 June.


    The Young STAND Award Scheme (Scots Tackling Alcohol and Drugs) recognises and rewards innovative work across Scotland to prevent alcohol and substance misuse in young people.

    STAND aims:

    • To support the provision of effective alcohol and substance misuse prevention projects for young people
    • To give public recognition for innovation in alcohol and substance misuse prevention
    • To share practices in alcohol and substance misuse prevention

    Eight project finalists from across Scotland will step into the limelight at the Lyceum Theatre on the 10th June for the chance to become the stars of STAND 2014! Finalists have been asked to present their work creatively using any format – e.g. video, performance, artwork – with young people playing a key role. Project award winners will be selected from each of the following categories:
    • Schools
    • Communities

    13:00 – 13.15
    Welcome, including opening by Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People

    13:15 – 15:00
    Finalist presentations: Schools

    15:00 – 15:15

    15:15 – 17:00
    Finalist presentations: Communities

    17:00 – 17:15

    17:15 – 17:30
    Awards and closing

    To book please visit our Eventbrite page: http://stand2014.eventbrite.co.uk

    Citizen Science for Hurricane Season: Cyclone Center

    June 1st marked the official beginning of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, and you can help improve our understanding of these powerful storms on www.cyclonecenter.org

    To recognize the start of the season, Cyclone Center (or Centre – depending on where you are in the world) is focussing on four hurricanes that all struck Florida ten years ago in 2004: Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. These storms claimed 34 lives and caused $18.9 billion in damages. We can’t prevent these disasters from happening, but your clicks can help us understand them better.

    We’ll be doing more special storm sets throughout the hurricane season, so keep checking on the site.

    PS If storms aren’t your thing, then maybe try our most-recently launched animal-spotting project: Condor Watch.

    Exclusively on Glow: The Athletes, Games and Queen’s Baton

    Over the next 3 weeks Game On Scotland is delighted to be able to present you with an exciting series of Glow Meets for learners to hear from top Scottish athletes and post their questions to them.
    These sessions will include athletes such as Colin Gregor (Rugby 7s Captain), Eilish McColgan (athletics), Meggan Dawson-Farrell (wheelchair racer) as well as presenter and adventurer, Mark Beaumont.

    Joining the first session tomorrow may also win you a Clyde Doll. The best question posted will be selected as the winner.

    The following sessions will be on offer:

    Meet the Athletes 1: Sport in a Global Context
    4 June, 10.00 am
    Register: bit.ly/1oBejJF

    Join Colin Gregor, captain of the Rugby 7s Team, Audrey McIntosh, the first Scot to complete an Antarctic marathon and 100k run in just 3 days as well as Angie Malone, British Wheelchair Curling team and Bronze medal winner from Sochi 2014, to hear about their extraordinary achievements as well as their views on global issues such as gender equality and inclusion.

    This session will be followed by:

    Athletes Challenge Global Issues – Workshop
    4 June, 11.00 am
    Register: bit.ly/1mxSGVQ

    Learners from St Blane’s Primary in Blantyre will begin the workshop by presenting their findings from research carried out on tribal conflict in Rwanda and sectarianism in Scotland. The presenting group will be taking questions from the Glow audience and posing a some questions of their own to challenge learners participating on Glow. Leaners will provide an opportunity to get involved in a comparative discussing focused on tribal conflict in Rwanda and sectarianism in Scotland.

    Meet the Athletes 2: Preparing for the Games
    9 June, 11.00 am
    Register: http://bit.ly/meettheathletes1

    Eilish McColgan (3000m steeplechase), Ailsa Wylie (hockey striker), Meggan Dawson-Farrell (wheelchair racer) and Sean Docherty (table tennis) will share their excitement about the Games with you and tell you what it takes to be at the top of your game. They are looking forward to meet you and answer the questions you may have for them live on Glow. See you all on the 9th June!

    Mark Beaumont presents: The Queens Baton Relay!
    16 June, 11.00 am
    Register: http://bit.ly/queensbaton

    This exclusive session will be presented live by Mark Beaumont from a school in Midlothian. Mark will share his rich experiences following the baton around all the 70 nations and territories and answer your questions as we go along. He will also introduce you to some special guests joining him that morning. This session is one you don’t want to miss!

    The Team behind the Games: Meet the Glasgow 2014 Staff
    20 June, 11.00 am
    Register: http://bit.ly/glasgow2014staff

    This is your chance to find out about the people who are involved in the organisation and running of the Games. You will receive insider information about a variety of aspects from the Games creators and be able to ask them the question only they will be able to answer.
    Game On!

    Game On Scotland Team

    Higher Sciences Cross Authority Writing Group

    Following the NQ Sciences events which took place in Hampden Stadium in December 2013, Education Scotland, in partnership with the SQA, organised cross authority writing workshops for NQ sciences qualifications. Faculty Heads and Principal Teachers from 30 local authorities have attended and worked collaboratively to co-develop materials for priority areas identified required support at the Hampden events.
    These events have been hugely successful; at the first event hosted at SSERC materials for the National 5 Assignment, National 4 Added Value Unit were produced along with a bank of open ended questions.
    The first Higher event allowed practitioners to evaluate Education Scotland materials and to generate and share further support materials. The second event at SSERC allowed delegates to choose practical activities appropriate for the new Highers and practice these as well as gain some content training from our partners at SSERC. Over 500 resources was shared through the GLOW 365 sciences platform.
    The third Higher Cross-Authority Writing Workshop took place on Tuesday 27th May.
    The purpose of the day was to provide practitioners with the opportunity to complete the materials they are developing for the Higher Sciences qualifications and professional learning events with updates from industry and further education professionals of the applications and theory of new content areas. Colleagues from HMI, SQA, learned societies, STEMnet ambassadors and research institutes join the group. Presentations included careers in life sciences venture capital, the Higgs Boson, Antioxidants in food and Stem Cell research. Speakers then worked with teachers to produce professional learning materials, teacher and pupil resources and assignment materials.
    The feedback from the events was very positive with those attending keen for the model of cross-authority collaboration to be extended to include preparation for the new Advanced Higher courses, review best practice in National 3,4 and 5 courses and to quality assure materials share through the GLOW 365 sciences platform.

    Higher Computing Science Conference

    Computing Science – support for new national Qualifications

    Education Scotland organised and delivered a conference to support learning and teaching around the new Higher Computing Science on 29 May 2014.  The main aims of the conference were to

    • Examine a range of appropriate approaches to learning and teaching
    • Exemplify a significant amount of new course content
    • Continue to build a successful learning community for computing science
    • Examine other areas for development to be addressed over the next academic year

    Gerry Docherty, Chief Executive of Smarter Grid Solutions, who leads on the implementation of the ICT and Digital Technologies Skills Investment Plan was the keynote speaker.  He did a tremendous job setting the scene for the conference and many of the issues he raised in the morning were discussed again in the closing plenary.

    It was a really great day and gives us lots to build on.  If you have any suggestions as to how Education Scotland can further support this area of the curriculum please contact jim.lally@educationscotland.gov.uk.

    Edinburgh International Film Festival – STEM Careers Events

    Wednesday 24th – 25th June 2014


    Into Films will be running 3 career sessions at next month’s EIFF. 

    One focusing on STEM students, the other on the same day includes STEM as part of film careers, with a third event will involve conversations with a VFX industry professional.

     If you are interested in attending these events please contact – yen.yau@intofilm.org

    Royal Institute – Big Physics

    Join the Royal Institute this month for a series of physics events and workshops.

    Sign up to attend:

    Black Hole Firewalls: What would you experience if you jumped into a black hole?

    Matter Atoms in Action – explore the far-reaching applications of being able to watch atoms in action in important chemical reactions.

    Faraday’s magnetic laboratory – explore the lab in which he worked.

    Watch Physics Talks and hear the latest plans to explore Mars.

    For further information about all events http://www.rigb.org/whats-on