RHET/ Clydesdale Bank National 5 Business Management Project

As a Curriculum for Excellence reaches 4th year in secondary education, RHET, working with schools, wishes to contribute to the real life scenarios that students will be working with for the new National 5 in Business Management.

RHET is looking to recruit 12 secondary schools from across Scotland to use real life farming and agriculture examples to enhance learning in the National 5 Business Management course during this academic year 2013-14.

We would do this by working with the schools concerned to:
a) Have a trained classroom speaker visit school to address one of the business management scenarios:

Human Resources
Tertiary food industry
Working as a co-op

b) Introduce the pupils to the business by taking them to a farm/agri -business where they can see the variety of roles on farm to appreciate the business case for the farm. This can be from any of the above business models.

c) Visit a second part of the same farm, or if this is not appropriate another type of farm business (from the types of business above) to allow pupils to see multiple facets of business.

In many schools the Business group is relatively small, and so costs for transport (fully funded by this project for one year only) should be minimal.

The schools concerned will represent a variety of socio-economic conditions and the businesses involved will be chosen with respect to their location and local impact. The project will be evaluated with each school, farm hosts and processor and taking part.

Further details about this project can be downloaded here – Teacher’s notes – Business project.

Interested? What to do now.

Email RHET at rhetinfo@rhass.org.uk by the 11th October 2013 (no later) requesting to take part.

Mark your email clearly “Clydesdale Bank National 5 Business Management pilot”

You will be informed if you have been successful in late October 2013