Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award Challenge 2013

SCOTTISH ENGINEERING SPECIAL LEADERS AWARD CHALLENGE – “If you could be an engineer in Scotland – what would you do?”

 Scottish Engineering and the Leaders Award are challenging Primary and Secondary school pupils in Scotland to consider what they would do if they were an engineer.

The challenge addresses many of the Experiences and outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence and, at secondary level, the project will meet the requirements of level 4/5 National Qualification in Engineering Science. 

 To participate, research engineering in Scotland, download resources from, talk to practicing engineers and complete an annotated illustration answer to the challenge question. Discover the numerous career paths an engineer can follow.

 Already there are over 60 primary and secondary schools registered to be a part of the challenge, many of which have already put in their requests for help from engineers. 

 Closing date for all entries is 20th November 2013, with the best entries going on display on 20th December 2013 in Glasgow City Councils Banqueting Hall.

 Register here.

At the Scottish Storytelling Centre – My Story

Join us in Glow TV for the first of our Tell a Story events with the Scottish Storytelling Centre. This event lets you find out more about ‘My Story’

‘Tell a Story Day’ is celebrated across Scotland in October. In the 3 weeks leading up to this national event join Storytellers in the ‘bothy’ at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh via Glow TV.

Enjoy listening to the storytellers share tales about nations and territories within the Commonwealth, about personal challenge and achievement and memorable, adventurous and incredible journeys. ‘Journeys’ is the theme for this year’s event.

While listening, learn how to tell and perform oral stories. Then take the opportunity to ask the storytellers questions about their ideas and techniques to help you plan and hold your own ‘Tell a Story Day’ event.

On ‘Tell a Story’ day we plan to broadcast your stories across Scotland via Glow TV. Find out more here: Learning Experience Catalogue.

Flu Immunisation Briefing Event

The annual flu immunisation programme is being extended over the next three years to include all children and young people aged 2 -17.

From October 2013, 2 and 3 year old children will be offered the vaccine at their GP practice and some primary school aged children will be offered the vaccine at selected schools. As this is a new programme for primary schools, a limited number are taking part in this first year to assist with planning for the national rollout next year. NHS Scotland would like teachers to have as much information as possible about the programme, should they receive enquiries from pupils and parents.

Join us for a Glow TV event on Wednesday 4th September at 4pm to find out more when we will feature a panel of experts who will be available to take questions about the childhood flu immunisation programme. Sign up and join us in Glow TV – Flu Immunisation

You may also be interested in downloading the Briefing Notes for Education.