Quality Assurance and Moderation – Professional Learning Resource

A Professional Learning Resource for Quality Assurance and Moderation is now available from Education Scotland.

The resource provides an overview of assessment materials relating to quality assurance and moderation. It brings together, in a single location, a range of existing support materials to help meet the diverse professional learning requirements of individual practitioners, establishments and local authorities.

Sections include:

  • key messages in quality assurance and moderation;
  • National Assessment Resource (NAR) support;
  • relevant guidance papers;
  • Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN);
  • assessing progress and achievement 3-18;
  • support for curriculum areas
  • research and international perspectives.

This online resource is available on the Learning, Teaching and Assessment area of the Education Scotland website.

We are looking for your feedback on this resource and would appreciate any comments that you would like to make below. Many thanks – The Assessment Team.