Think of a Learner…and a loop the loop

Education Scotland’s Sciences Development Offier joined up with SSERC to work with Physics teachers from South Lanarkshire during their recent in-service days.

The Think of a Learner toolkit, under development to aid practitioners in self evaluation and engaging in professional dialogue, to explore in more depth the guidance and advice on CfE from the perspective of the individual learner, was used to stimulate and structure interesting and challenging discussion. This toolkit, designed to be used for individual, department, Faculty or whole school CPD,  addresses the most common questions and queries arising around new NQs and bridging from the BGE to Senior Phase. The theme was continued with some hands-on work including the amazing invisible test tube and new ideas for physics of motion using a loop the loop track and a neat piece of free software called Tracker.Jar. Together, we explored how learning and teaching in a three year Senior Phase can offer opportunity to build on prior learning and support the learning in achievement his or her potential.  

Many thanks for the teachers who worked hard on each of the two mornings, and to South Lanarkshire and SSERC for working in partnership with Education Scotland to support teachers with CfE.