Talking Stem Cells in Scottish Schools

Pupils All Over Scotland Come Together Using Glow TV to Talk Stem Cells!

SSCN (Scottish Stem Cell Network) is delighted to announce the next Talking Stem Cells workshop will be running on Glow TV on February 21st 2012 at 2pm.

Talking Stem Cells is an opportunity for Scottish secondary school pupils to participate in an interactive and engaging workshop, presented on Glow TV, with real scientists working in this topical science field.

The workshop covers the basic science of stem cells, their therapeutic potentials and the research currently being conducted; while also highlighting some of the career possibilities the industry offers in Scotland, a world leader in this field.

By using Glow it allows for the breakdown of geographical and social barriers and allows pupils from all over Scotland to engage and tune in to activities and special guests that may not have previously been available, especially true of schools in more remote areas.

The event will be hosted by Forth Valley College and stem cell scientists, Dr. Andy Downes, Edinburgh University and Dr. Paul Shiels, Glasgow University. They will be leading the workshop which will include a mix of presentations, interactive activities and investigations by the participating students.

The workshop will see students participating from schools across Scotland, with participation from as far afield as Shetland, Orkney and the Highlands.

You can sign up and take part in this event in Glow TV – Sign up and join us!

A Random Walk through Mathematics at Stirling University

A planned context for phased development within STEM Central is the “Invisible Worlds” context. Envisaged as a context exploring the Invisible World that’s going on inside our bodies, this will connect the cutting edge of modelling, measuring, investigating, diagnosing and treating in these Invisible Worlds, associated with industry and education in Scotland.

If that sounds like something which you might be interested in, then why not take a look at Stirling University’s lecture on 23rd February which looks at their interest and expertise in modelling biological systems, disease spread and control, and building simple models of population growth.

Think of a Learner…and a loop the loop

Education Scotland’s Sciences Development Offier joined up with SSERC to work with Physics teachers from South Lanarkshire during their recent in-service days.

The Think of a Learner toolkit, under development to aid practitioners in self evaluation and engaging in professional dialogue, to explore in more depth the guidance and advice on CfE from the perspective of the individual learner, was used to stimulate and structure interesting and challenging discussion. This toolkit, designed to be used for individual, department, Faculty or whole school CPD,  addresses the most common questions and queries arising around new NQs and bridging from the BGE to Senior Phase. The theme was continued with some hands-on work including the amazing invisible test tube and new ideas for physics of motion using a loop the loop track and a neat piece of free software called Tracker.Jar. Together, we explored how learning and teaching in a three year Senior Phase can offer opportunity to build on prior learning and support the learning in achievement his or her potential.  

Many thanks for the teachers who worked hard on each of the two mornings, and to South Lanarkshire and SSERC for working in partnership with Education Scotland to support teachers with CfE.

Health and wellbeing Glow Meet Wednesday 22 February 1615-1700

This Glow meet will provide CPD support to deliver the aspects of HWB that are the Responsibility of All. 

You will have the opportunity to hear about the building blocks of HWB to develop a whole school approach and a shared understanding of Responsibility of all.  This shared understanding can help teachers and partners to consider assessment in HWB, in particular on those aspects that are the Responsibility of all.

There will be the opportunity to post questions throughout the meet.

To join your colleagues, please click here. (Glow log in required).

More online CPD from the CPD communities on Glow

CPDMeet 44 – An introduction to Jolly Phonics

Tuesday 21st February at 4pm

We have had to reschedule this CPDMeet as the original supply teacher colleague who requested it has landed a long-term contract! At least it’s for a good news reason! Please still sign up at and we will keep you posted on the new date

CPDMeet 45 – Extending your potential

Thursday 23rd February at 4.30pm

Rodger Hill, QIO in Dumfries and Galloway is pioneering an early leadership development programme within his authority, Extending Your Potential. What is unusual about this programme is it is entirely online, on Glow! Rodger has kindly offered to share an insight into the programme with the wider community of educators in CPDCentral. Sign up here for CPDMeet 45 -an open discussion about how EYP came about, how Rodger is developing and supporting it and their progress so far.