Finland’s education system

I have heard wonderful things about Finland; that is that it’s one of the best education systems in the world.  But it was not until I had a lecture in it recently then I began to understand why.

Finland has promotes education as an essential factor to their system.  They are a well organised and efficient society that can rely on the infrastructure as the public and private sectors are run efficiently.  In 2013 they were ranked the least failed state in the world; this was the third year in a row. Their average literacy skills are excellent – two thirds of adults are good or excellent readers.  However eleven percent of sixteen to sixty year olds have very poor skills in literacy.  Their adult numeracy skills are the best in an OECD country – over half of adults are either good or excellent.  However thirteen percent of adults experience difficulties in basic math.

Finland was a top performer in the PISA 2000s tests.  In 2009 the number of students reaching top level of performance in science was three times the amount of OECD average.  Newsweek magazine in 2016 rated it as the best country in the world to live in.  Finland boasts gender equality and low levels of corruption and education is considered to be a top priority.  Their society is built upon education, culture and knowledge.  The aims of Finland’s education policy are: quality, efficiency, equality and internalisation.  The education system offers equal opportunities for all and all pupils receive a school meal.

As you can see Finland have had great results from their education system this is because they have infested a lot in it.  Education is very important in their society.  Something I think we could adopt in our society.

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