We’re going on a bear hunt!

Mathematical language can be found everywhere.  As I have recently found out.  I was challenged to find mathematical language in a picture book.  I chose ‘We’re going in a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

I found this book not only had mathematical language but it was very repetitive; which would work well in the early year’s environment.  Some of the mathematical language included:

  • Big
  • Long
  • Over
  • Under
  • Through
  • Deep
  • Thick
  • Narrow
  • One
  • Two
  • Back
  • Up
  • Down


So a very common theme or concept coming from this was size and direction.  With that in mind I thought for when planning the lesson you could bring in some props.  For example while the story was being read out the children could each be holding an arrow.  The arrow would symbolise the direction of the people walking.  So for example if the people in the book go ‘up’ the children could point the arrow up towards the sky.  To check the children’s understanding the teacher could also use the arrow and point it in different directions and the children could say the answer, showing their understanding of ‘up’ or ‘down’.  I also thought this story would be a great if actions are added in.  You could even get the children involved and ask them what action would go with each word.  This would increase the engagement of each child and also check their understanding of the story.



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