A learning experience at school that was memorable

A learning experience that stands out for me is a topic on advertising I did in primary six.  We were put into groups and had to come up with a type of perfume.  Once we created our idea we then had create different ways to advertise it.  We made leaflets and posters but the one that sick out in my mind is we created an advert.  I remember being extremely nervous as it was being filmed.  But I had confidence in my team.  We had practiced what we were going to say and what angles we were going to film.  It was all done in one take.  So there was no room for mistakes.  But I plucked up the courage and with the support of the team we created our advert.  Once all the adverts were filmed we watched everyone’s.  I remember feeling immensely proud of what we managed to achieve.  I conquered my fear and we made a compelling advert.  What I remember most about that process was bonding with my team mates.  I had a great time and really enjoyed making it.  I think it stands out as it was out of the norm.  It was something we did not normally do and it was something I could relate to.  We had all seen adverts on the TV.  So the prospect of making something I saw all the time was exciting.  We were not stuck behind out tables, we were being quite active and it was thrilling.

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