Why I picked teaching

What made me want to become a teacher?

I think it was many things really. When I was little I always ‘played teacher’ at home. But I never really thought of becoming a teacher until I was a little bit older. When I was in primary four I had the most awful teacher. One day I sat thinking I could do a better job than her! So when I was older I did my work experience in a primary school. It was wonderful! For the first time I felt at home in the classroom. This got me thinking more and more that maybe I could do this! When I went to college that’s when I realized that I could become a teacher. Working with children was something I enjoyed doing and now it’s the only thing I want to do.

The kind of teacher I want to be?

I would like to be kind and caring. However I will be firm and discipline when it is needed. I want to be the kind of teacher children are not afraid to talk to. I want children to be free to ask questions and know that I will do my best to listen and answer them. Children should feel encouraged and happy in my classroom. I will be patient and listen to any problems any child may have.

2 thoughts on “Why I picked teaching

  1. Danielle MackayDanielle Mackay

    I really love your post Kathleen. I love that you touch upon the fact that you hadn’t really thought about becoming a teacher until a later stage in Primary School and I also like the fact that you have let people know of the experience you’ve had with working with children.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Mandy Everett

    Kathleen, I believe that patience and listening are very important attributes when working with young people and I can tell from your post that you have a passion for both. It is inspiring to read that your unfortunate negative experience has encouraged you to move forward with a positive attitude.


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